Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Purple reign

Gorgeous dark purple table covers with MY LOGO!!--check it out!

The Log Cabin Spinners Spin-in was busy and well attended. It was kind of a good news/bad news situation for Stitchjones, however. The good news first:

1. I was so proud of my new setup! My yarn and fiber is so much more visible at eye level and the dark purple cloth sets off the colors beautifully.

2. I got some sales.

3. I handed out my business card a lot, having at times 3 or 4 shoppers in my vendor space.

4. I met the owner of a yarn shop in Coeur d'Alene who is interested in carrying my products!

5. After lunch, Mr. Stitchjones strummed the guitar for a while. Only the spinning circle closest to us could hear it over the din of a huge hall filled with people--but they told us they enjoyed the music.

What was not so good...

1. Inside-the-perimeter vendor space = nowhere to hang my banner or the awesome sample display that Kathleen made. I had to make do with putting the samples on the far end of the table with the cubes of yarn, which meant I was constantly worried about them disappearing because my back was to them. They did get a lot of ooh's and ahh's, though.

2. I hate to say it, because we're all so sick of hearing it, but the goddamned economy. I am so ready for it to improve!

3. Other vendors who, for various reasons, were selling their wares at rock bottom prices. It made it more difficult for me to get a fair price for my quality hand dyed goods, into which I invested money, time and effort.

Looking at my list, there were more pro's than con's, which means I'll go back next year! Even if it means staying at my in-laws', getting all the family problems dumped on me while dealing with the exhaustion of a 7-hour drive and a sleepless night before the show. And of course, there's always my chode brother-in-law. Ah, family...

I'll also be selling my products at an event called Fiber With a Twist in Richland, Washington, on May 9th.


This will be just a quick update, as I'm a bit behind on dyeing. Mainly I just wanted to show off my trade show/fiber event space, and this is just the beginning. Wait till Sock Summit! "Color Goes To Eleven Million"!

Your booth looks awesome!! This economy does suck. We have to get through it and thank above that we have jobs. Hugs to you though as a self employed, it's harder.
The booth does, indeed, look great! For the inside-perimeter-sign problem, get Mr. Stitchjones to make you a PVC pipe frame that can be taken apart into pieces (think plumbing coupling) and has "feet" that will hold it up. When you're on the inside, you can erect that to hold your banner. A couple of water jugs (empty for travel, full for use) can weigh down the base so it doesn't get easily knocked over.

If you make it longer than the sign, then you can attach samples to it, too -- or put grommets into the sign and attach samples to those. Use zip ties and they'll be secure enough that folks can see and touch without being able to take.
Cindy had a great idea for your signage! You can do it fairly inexpensively with 1/4 inch PVC.

Love what Kathleen did with the table clothes!

Hope you'll put us on your calendar for WWKiP day!
Forgot to mention that you might want to also have some knitted samples of your yarns hanging up too.
Looks great! Glad it was more pro than con.
Your tables looked so great! Very professional! I agree with the knitted swatches, it helps people visualize. I am soooo wishing I could be there in person to see you and buy your beautiful yarns!

The economy, it sucks all over, and I think we all have to be more careful where we spend our yarn dollars for sure, but I'd much rather support an independant like you or an LYS than a big box store or discount place, because your products have so much more quality and love put into them, not to mention variety! And if we don't support the independants now they might not be there when things turn around and people want to spend again. So while I may not spend as much as I really want (not that I ever could, LOL), I will always direct it to those I think deserve it the most.

I sooo wish I could be there at Sock Summit, too :(
Nice Posting
Nice Posting
The booth space looks great! Cindy has a good idea on the banner solution, too. If you need some swatches, let me know, I'd be happy to do them for you - they'd be the perfect MAX commute knitting!
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