Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Irish lullaby

It's after midnight and officially St. Patrick's Day, so top o' the mornin to ya and all that malarkey! I meant to get this post in on the 16th, but since that obviously didn't happen I guess I'll aim to be the first of the PDXKnitBloggers to post on St. Paddy's. For what it's worth.

I did finish a pair of socks for Mr. Stitchjones.

How can one not love the spouse of 20 years who puts in a full workday and then comes home, makes dinner, listens to the teenage laments of our DD, helps her with homework, mediates personality clashes between members of his band, yet still makes time to model the socks I knit for him.

I used 2 skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet yarn, size 2 needles and 56 stitches-- which was plenty. The pattern is just a basic plain vanilla, I think I learned on Knitting Pure & Simple lightweight socks and added my own frou-frou such as a short row heel. I took pics using 2 different camera settings, and I think I like the second photo better. The color pooling came out rather nifty.

As Opposed to RealWow, or Is She Really Blogging About This?

OK, yeah, I know, Chickenlips has finally gone round the bend. Yesterday when I walked into our friendly neighborhood Walgreens, this was the first thing I saw. And I realized that as much as I'd been fighting it, I'd been wanting a set of these for months! So I broke down and bought it, regardless of Michelle cringing about the fact that her mother actually purchased something emblazoned with the slogan "As Seen On TV". If they work as well as in the commercial, they'll really help with dyeing mop-up. Especially when doing pastels and Glam Sock Silver, which involve relatively little dye and a whole lot of water. After one of those dye sessions, the kitchen floor looks like Katrina aftermath and I need all the help I can get. Even though I'm taking a couple days off from dyeing to attend to other matters, these things should come in handy when I resume.

Didn't Know We Were Raising A Puppy

Little Winston, Michelle's friend's puppy, has been making several appearances a week at our house for the past month. This is how he looked back in January. He's now 4 1/2 months old and loves to chase my longhaired mini doxie Jimmy and steal his toys. His ears are about twice as big as they are in this photo, the kind of ears he could fly to Guam with. I'm in the process of knitting him a hoodie. In my hand dyed BFL worsted. With a zipper and I-cord drawstring, made of organic cotton. What can I say, this little mutt is family!

One Last Thing

On my friend Duffy's blog there are pics of a scarf made for her from handspun by none other than QueerJoe. It was part of a Fiber 2 Scarf exchange. The fiber was my own BFL top, handpainted in the "Anjelica" colorway at Duffy's request. The fact that it's been transformed into something so delicate and beautiful by the mighty skillz of QJ--well, I'm still grinning and feeling sparkly about it!

Great socks!

I too have thought of buying the Shamwow but for the teen. If we don't embarrass them they aren't teens!
OOH! be sure to check Queer Joe's blog today. He posted a great bunch of pics and info on how he spun up that fiber! :) WOOT!
LOVE the socks!!

You will laugh, the hubs and I were in a store the other day and actually bought some of the sham-wows, too! ;) I usually don't buy into that stuff, but a local TV channel here tested them with no edits and it made me reconsider. Long story short, I had the occasion to use one the other day (thanks to our ever-increasingly incontinent killer shih-tzu--don't ask!) and believe it or not, they actually work! I said "Wow!" and so did the hubs! Very impressive.
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