Sunday, March 08, 2009


hooray for handspun!

I never get tired of evidence of something the global handspinning community has known for millenia and is now rolling their collective eyes and going "my, isn't she dumb". Which is that if you put something that looks like this into the right hands...

...you can eventually end up with something like this!

I'd dyed up some South African wool roving into a color like the one above in merino, "Earth Angel". The supremely talented Kathleen of Busy Digits spun some of it into a fine single and made that into a 2-ply fingering weight. She gave me a skein of it, which was more than enough for me to knit this little newborn hat from the first Not Just Socks book. Isn't it the cutest thing? I especially love the pale blue rings, one just above the rolled edge and one at the crown.

I may have said this before, but I don't think I'm going to become a spinner any time soon. About seven years ago I paid an exorbitant sum for a lesson with a drop spindle and never could get the rhythm of it. A couple of years ago, an extremely patient soul tried to teach me on a wheel and again, ten thumbs. So for the time being, I'm content to let those whose skills are far greater than mine transform my handpainted fiber into gorgeous, OOAK yarns, for them (and occasionally me) to enjoy.
I wonder what the yarn made from this would look like.

About 4 oz. baby alpaca top, in colorway "Spring Hillside". Enough of this cold spittin' weather already! Seems like everything I've been dyeing for the past two weeks is spring colors. It's been cold out all weekend, which has kept me indoors. I'm ready for that first balmy day.

Ohhhh what a perty hat!!! You did a great job on it! I am also not a spinner, not that I wouldn't like to be, but I do have a wool allergy (can't really work with it unless it's superwash) so working with fibre would probably not be a good idea for me...I can appreciate all the work that goes into it and love the product that eventually comes from all that hard work!
What a beautiful hat! I love the colors! (I have yet to figure out how to spin yarn that maintains separate colors like that.)
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