Monday, February 02, 2009


It's Ground Hog Day!

REUTERS - Stitch Jones, the indie yarn and fiber dyer who became a legend in her own mind, was killed in a freak accident when one of her Crockpots exploded. The yarn was salvaged, however, thanks to rescue workers' heroic efforts.

Jones' odyssey into the world of dyeing began on a dark and stormy night in 2007, when she discovered a ball of white Patons Classic Merino in her yarn stash and several packets of powdered drink mix in her kitchen cupboard. Among her early sock yarn colorways which did not resemble cat gack were the notable "Gene Simmons", "Alice Cooper" and "Twisted Sister". These were generally well received, largely due to the solid base yarn which became a Stitchjones trademark.

At the apex of her career, Jones developed an addiction to the dangerous substance Synthrapol. An intensive rehab program gave Jones a spiritual awakening, along with the understanding that Synthrapol is a wool wash additive and not an aperitif.

At Jones' request, her remains will be cremated and scattered over Kevin Bacon. A habitual yarn stasher, Jones has bequeathed her yarn stash to the local knitting guild. In the interest of decorum, the family requests that fighting over the cashmere be kept to a respectful minimum. Several skeins of Stitchjones hand dyed yarn have recently appeared on Ebay, at remarkably
low prices.

I'll leave others to fight over the cashmere. I'll just take all of the Glam Sock. :-)

See you on Wednesday?
Exploded?! I wonder how many people have been killed that way.
No! Say it ain't so, man! Say it ain't so!

**honk!** She was such a great dyer and a generous soul. Would share synth jello shooters with her buds, then we'd lie on the floor and shake while Rush played on.

StitchJones RAWKS!
Oh, you crack me up!
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