Sunday, February 15, 2009


Remote blogging

Just a quick check-in. Spokane? Check. Snow on the ground? Check. More snow falling? Check. Dang but these people are sick of winter, and who can blame them? They really got slammed. We arrived about 2 hours ago, having stopped at a supermarket and noticing mountains of plowed snow at the edges of the parking lot. My inlaws' house is on 19 acres near the South Hill area, and as we were coming down the drive we saw two deer. They didn't even run away when we drove past! Now that's a hard winter. Wish I could have gotten photos.

Seemed like we practically flew here instead of driving, because there was no rush hour traffic to deal with in Portland, and no need to take little dachsies to piddle because Michelle is going to be at home all week. I trust her to take care of the house and pets and not have wild parties while Mom and Dad are away! The worst it ever gets at our house with teenagers is mildly annoying, as in kids who hang around a little too much.

I'll have loads of pics when we get home; I don't have the software and doohickies for the digital camera with me so can't share pics while we're here. Mainly I just wanted to let my lovely readers know that we made it. Paradise Fibers, here I come! Yeehaw.

Hi from 5-mile. Tis weird reading that another PDX blogger is in town.
Have fun and drive safe!
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