Thursday, February 05, 2009


Feeling much better now, thanks

Stitchjones is alive? Holy cow, it's a mackerel! Allusions to old crude jokes aside--thank you for playing along with my Groundhog Day prank. I always wanted to write a fake satirical obit. One thing worth passing along, though--before Spinal Tap realized it was a hoax, they released a statement to the press via the band's spokesperson Jeanine: "Stitch Jones' death is a profound loss to both rock and roll."

OK, on to a more blogworthy topic. I have been knitting lots of things-- just not finishing any.

This is the Swell earflap hat from Knitty. In a vain effort to reduce my stash, which keeps growing--I'll get to it in a minute--I'm making this for Michelle's friend Tess. The maroon is Plymouth Suri Merino and the ivory is Crystal Palace Creme. I'm halfway through the chart; I don't do a lot of colorwork knitting but developing that skill is on my personal knitting agenda for 2009. Can't understand why those earflaps want to curl so badly. Hopefully putting the tassels on will weigh them down enough--I'm not excited about wet blocking the thing. I don't want the ivory to turn pink.

The Earl Greys for Mr. Stitchjones are progressing--the heel has been turned on the second sock and the gusset decreases are almost done. Would you believe that yesterday while delivering some sock yarn to a LYS customer, I slipped, fell and almost bought sock yarn?! As if a plastic bin full, plus one of those zippered plastic cases that bedspreads come in, full of the stuff weren't enough! Why oh why, do we knitters have such a hard time saying no? Trying to figure it out makes my head hurt, so I'll just show you a picture of what I bought on sale from my LYS customer, in this case Knitting Bee.

I've never made anything with Rowan Kid Classic before, and I do love me some orange. I have some slinky, shiny nylon yarn in the stash that is exactly the same color. Thinking it would make a nice Simple Yet Effective Shawl.

Also in my yarn-grubbing paws is this assortment of Jamieson Double Knitting, another yarn I haven't worked with yet. (and lets face it, just because it's in the stash doesn't mean I ever will use it!) It was intended to make these tres fabu, fair isle gloves.

Gazing into the ol' crystal ball, I see a business trip in the very near future. Yes, it's back to the beach, but this time Mr. Stitchjones is going with me. We leave tomorrow afternoon and will be back Saturday night. I'll have all the deets for you when we get back. Although for various reasons which would no doubt bore you I can't share more info right now, except to say that I've been in a tizzy over this one and am about to put on some tea, pick up the knitting and cool out!

Long range plans dept.: My dear MIL is having hip replacement surgery a week from tomorrow. Our plan is to go to Spokane a week from this Sunday, and stay a week or so to look after her. Mr. Stitchjones seems to think I can take the dyeworks on the road so I don't fall too far behind on orders. I'm skeptical, but we'll give it a try. It does mean I won't be able to go to Madrona Fiber Arts Festival and "Kinnear" the Yarn Harlot as I did last year. Those of you lucky bums who are going, have a great time!

Here's a parting shot of yet more yarn. Some CotLin from Knit Picks, to make the summer top of my dreams.

Pattern, what pattern?! Yes that's right friends, I'm going to attempt an original design. One of these days. Or maybe not...

Love the hat! I might have to try that one myself. I'm sure the tassels will hold down the flaps nicely for you...if not you could always try stitching around them (or crochet if you did such a thing)

Those gloves also look interesting, you should definitely do them. I'm really into the fair-isle thing myself these days.

Enjoy your time in Spokane, hope your MIL comes through the operation with ease!
As Kiki said crochet on the earflaps should help them stay down. Also Judy B did an i-cord around Son #1's hat that looked nice too. So a couple of options to help the flaps stay down.

Best wishes for the beach trip and the visit with the in-laws. Scope out the nearest coffee shop and take knitting along if you just have to 'get outta there!'
you are a wild woman!
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