Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Bad blogger, no grande mocha.

I've been away from the blog for a bit longer than usual. Mainly that's because not much is going on up in here. I'm just slinging dye on as much yarn and fiber as I can while Mr. Stitchjones is on the road. He's in L.A. this week, comes home Saturday but has to turn right around and head out on another trip. Actually, I'm anticipating another Stitchjones business overnighter in the next week or two--I'll blog it as soon as I know it's going to happen. It'd be an adventure for me, someplace in the Pacific Northwest I haven't visited yet!

Have been sort of lax on taking pics of newly dyed things lately. I have a pile of reskeining waiting for me--reskeining? Hell, I haven't even done the laundry yet!--and there will be new sock colors to photograph and list on Etsy. While I'm about that, I'll also photograph the new rovings and try to remember to put everything up in the Jonesin' for Stitchjones group on Ravelry.

I've tabled Mr. Stitchjones' Cobblestone Pullover for the time being, as this has my almost undivided knitting attention. (Ravelry link.) I'm more than halfway done with the second sleeve. Although the sleeves are mostly stockinette, it's slow going with DK weight yarn on size 5's. I'm going to keep plugging to the end, because I can't wait to see it finished!

On New Year's Day, I celebrated Christmas with my side of the family and got some cash from the parental units. Among the knitting-related goodies I bought: a set of blocking wires from Knit Picks, which I'm going to need because I treated myself to a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk and started working on this.

It's just a 4x repeat of a stitch pattern from a Japanese knitting pattern book, an unusual looking lace rib that's just 6 rows and easy to memorize. The vertical edges want to roll, so I'm hoping the blocking kit will fix that. If everything comes out nicely, I may write it up as a scarf pattern and put it up on Rav.

Hey, remember this?

The Bombshell sweater I made for Michelle. She actually wore it to school yesterday! Would she let me take a pic for the blog? No sir-ee bob! But I was proud anyway, that she likes it and it looks good on her, something you'll just have to take my word for. Her favorite teacher was astonished that it was hand knit by Mom, and promptly requested one in blue, please. Non-knitters are a riot, aren't they? Even if I knew her size, I couldn't just whip one up that would fit; this pattern is a top-down, try-on-as-you-go affair. And besides, no money was offered for my trouble. Sorry, Teach! (D'ya think Knitty would accept a design with that name?) Forgive me, when it's late at night I tend to free-associate.

Well, loves, I've blown my wad of yarn-related content. It occurred to me that I must be getting old, because instead of being bored to tears by a relatively uneventful time in my life, I'm grateful for it! There you go. I can has coffee coupons and Life Alert now?

pretty start to your scarf.
funny story about the sweater! poor teacher!
Oh, they know not what they do!

I made a hat for my stepson, and he told me all his friends want them and will pay $20 a piece. I didn't have the heart to tell him I paid that much for the yarn.
Oh yeah. And while you're at it since you're at home doing nothing but watching soaps and eating bonbons you can whip out a few for the rest of the faculty. =8P

You're not old until you're eating dinner at 4:30 at Elmer's.
Those Muggles, they are a riot, aren't they? I had one tell me if I could knit up 4 or 5 afghans a week and sell them I'd have it made...sheesh....why don't I find the cure for all the major diseases while I'm at it, too?

Love your scarf, I'm sure it will be breathtaking when it's done!
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