Thursday, January 15, 2009


Are your speakers on?

If they are, you've probably guessed that I figured out how to put music on the blog. (Scroll all the way down to see the player I uploaded; there's a link to the original site. It's free, the music selection is large and the process was relatively uncomplicated, which is a must for a non-technical mook like me.)
I am plugging away at the Stargazer kimono sleeve top. I'm working on the bodice now, so if that comes together as it should, the rest will be gravy. However, today was a big dyeing session. I have yet to do any actual knitting and it's almost bedtime. I did design a new colorway, and put it on Titanium Sock and a half pound of BFL roving. I'm excited about it, it's my most ambitious colorway yet in terms of dramatic hues and dye mixing. Today I got an email from the fine folks of Sock Summit announcing that vendor registration procedures are on the way. Yeah baby! This colorway is gonna look so fine at the events Stitchjones will do this year. I'll unveil it early next week, when I get back from the road. That's right, tomorrow morning I leave for an overnight business trip, which should be a lot less frenetic than Seattle. I'll fill you in on all the deets by the middle of next week, and try to have some pictures as well.

It is with great dismay that I relay this bit of news: the lace scarf I showed you last post, of the beautiful Sea Silk, was viciously destroyed by Hannibal the evil kitteh. I blame myself, though, for being harried yesterday and leaving it where he could get it in his clutches. He had taken it off the needles, chewed and torn holes in it, and rendered my luscious ball of Sea Silk an unusable tangled mess. Oh the humanity. For most of today, I couldn't look at the little bastard--even though he was just doing what cats do when they encounter yarn. Sigh...

This will most likely be my last post before Barack Obama becomes President of the United States of America. There's going to be an inauguration party here on Tuesday--it'll be mostly teenagers, but hey, I can't think of a better reason to party!

I haven't blogged any dye work lately, so here are a few yarns and fibers that photographed decently.

Titanium Sock in Black Cherry and Spruce

South African Fine Wool Roving in Caramel Raspberry

Bluefaced Leicester roving in Granite

love the carmel raspberry colors!
The cherry sock is to die for!! Oh that bad bad kitteh!!! I swooned when I read about your precious seasilk...I would have gone outside and screamed bloody murder if it was me, the neighbours would have called the police...weird coincidence, the word verification thingie I have to type in to post my comment is "catick"...tee hee
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