Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Stitchjones in Seattle

Yes, that cheesy looking thing in the upper right corner of the photo, sporting a Christmas light display on the tippy top, is sho' nuff the Space Needle. Weak shot, I know, but have you tried to park your car in the middle of Seattle lately?
It was just a quick overnight trip. Michelle and I went up on Monday and came home last night. We visited her first cousin Valerie, who has been married for almost a year and lives at the base of Queen Anne Hill, where she recently was "caught on tape" by a local TV news team, snowboarding down the hill during the storm of a couple weeks ago. It was my first time meeting Valerie's husband; he's a cool cat! I hardly ever visit Seattle, though, so trying to find their place amid rush hour traffic was a bit harrowing. The sumptuous dinner we had where Valerie works part time helped make up for the gut-churning driving.
Then yesterday morning, I visited a charming LYS in Burien (near Sea-Tac airport). It's called the Yarn Stash and is owned by a dynamic mother-daughter duo. Bonnie and Beth are awesome, and I'm happy to tell you that Stitchjones roving and sock kits are now available in the Seattle area, with the new Titanium Sock merino-nylon sock yarn to arrive about a month from now. This shop is the exclusive Seattle area retailer of Stitchjones products.
I'm just now feeling recovered from what's normally a 3-hour drive, yet took close to five hours to get home due to heavy traffic and freeway construction. It doesn't seem like New Year's Eve at all; our snow-jumbled holidays mean that we're celebrating Christmas with my family tomorrow. Spending all that time behind the wheel of the car means I didn't get to knit a stitch in two days. I plan to make up for that tonight, however, while chilling at home with sparkling cider and maybe some popcorn.
Reflecting on the past year, I've been really lucky to have gotten to know several really talented, amazing people whom a year ago were strangers or slight acquaintances. You have helped me build the kind of business I dreamed of. I appreciate you more than I could ever say, and I wish you good health, good luck, prosperity and happiness in 2009. There are many other folks whose help, support, advice, and friendship I'm grateful for. I may not have mentioned everybody, but I lerves you one and all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Happy New Year!

Tami said you were planning on coming to the Spinnerati meeting on 1/4/09 to show/sell your wares. Sure hope you can make it! We'll be in the Central Library from 12 to 2:30 in the US Bank Meeting Room - just inside the main doors, immediately right - there'll be a sign on the door.
PS - bring some yarn, too! Especially your Glam Sock Yarn. ;)
Happy New Year Sharon!! Looks like you had a nice time in Seattle!
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