Thursday, December 11, 2008


Now back to our regularly scheduled yarn worship

I couldn't let Dec. 8th go by without observing John Lennon's death on that Monday evening, twenty-eight years ago. Like Kiki, I also remember very clearly hearing the news. I was in the car, searching the FM band as usual. It seemed like almost every station was playing John's music, either Beatles or his solo work. Then a deejay broke in with the announcement that John had been shot. His death wasn't confirmed until later. The shock and sadness I felt, along with millions of others. Not to dwell on it, but I grew up loving the Beatles and their music meant a lot to my generation. So it's something that will stay with me always.

I don't usually do much knitting with my own hand dyed yarns--it's like a busman's holiday to me. Like back in the day when I used to cook elaborate dinners, those days that Mr. Stitchjones misses so very much :P, I wasn't hungry when I sat down because I'd spent hours over the meal. However, this yarn is different; for some reason it called to me to make it into something.

It's Tribute Merino DK, colorway "Charlize". Even though I wouldn't call those colors my favorites, I was still curious about how they'd look knit up. After a couple of false starts, including a seafoam stitch scarf debacle that looked like so much urp, I started this at the suggestion of my knit night homegirls. I have come to rely on their knitting wisdom, as it was the right call.

The pattern is the One Row Scarf from the Yarn Harlot. It's "mistake rib" over a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3. I cast on 31 stitches on size 6 needles, so it'll be a long skinny scarf, but the color distribution is interesting enough that the width shouldn't matter.

I'm such a yarn hound that I initiated a trade with a fellow Etsian this week.

Is this not absolutely breathtaking? I recognized it as a Kraemer base yarn, worsted weight, merino with mohair, nylon thread wrap and a bit of polyester bling. Lindsay of Storm Moon Knits graciously sent me this skein in the colorway "Mandragora" in exchange for some of my roving. Now I'm on a quest for just the right project for it!

Because hand dyed yarn is the fiber equivalent of Lay's potato chips to me, I ordered a couple more skeins off Etsy last night. But I'll save the photos for next post.

That scarf is coming out beautifully!!
That one-row scarf pattern is everywhere! I use it for my handspun all the time. It's just perfect. Hey, thanks for the 5 days early pattern payday by the way...it was needed. You rock, as always! :)
What a beautiful scarf!!
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