Friday, December 19, 2008


Let's not diss those Ice Age predictions from the 70's just yet.

Oh, those wacky scientists of the last century. No doubt the same ones who predicted we'd be zipping around in flying cars by now like the Jetsons. I know the "real" climate change is warming, and maybe that trend is shifting weather patterns so that we get more than our usual winter quota of Arctic air masses.

Another view from our front door, this one taken Wednesday, Dec. 17th. I'm impressed as all getout by you all quoting South Park theme lyrics! I so wanted to title this post "Screw you guys, I'm going home" but other than the mandatory trips to the post office, always a joy this time of year, I've been staying home. Post office, yeah. I loooove standing in 30-minute lines for the Automated Postal Center behind people who only ship stuff once a year and have no clue what they're doing!

But that's a minor gripe. I did major procrastinating with dyeing this week, in favor of knitting. Stuff is getting done, too. Here's the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf, one of the coolest free scarf patterns there is.

I had treated myself to an ultra-posh skein of Great Adirondack yarn awhile back, and it percolated in the stash until I figured out what to do with it. Being one of the world's great misplacers of stuff in general and yarn ball bands in particular, I can't remember the name of the yarn but I think it's "Bighorn". It's a handpainted wool-mohair blend, somewhere around 300 yards and I have a little left. The purples really stand out in the skein. I have a tough time photographing blues and purples. Anyway, it came out to a decent length, about 45" or so. I do occasionally sell hand knits in my Etsy shop, so I listed the scarf and priced it for only $10 more than I paid for the yarn. (Pattern cops: The pattern copyright doesn't say you can't sell items made from it--I checked.) I figure if all I sold in my shop was handknit items, I'd charge more; it's just that since I'm paying for advertising on Ravelry and Google Ad-words, I like to have a variety of items for site visitors to browse.

And now to show you what I promised last time, some very cool indie-dyed (not by me) sock yarns! Neil, hit it.

A very beautiful sport yarn from Jenny of Bare Sheep Yarn Co. Colorway: "Bleeding Hearts". The photo doesn't do it justice; I'm intrigued by those purples and plums against stark white, but since I've got WIP's galore I'm not starting another project until I finish at least two.

Jenny very thoughtfully sent a gift with purchase. This is a silk-merino blend in pale greens, named "Irish Luck". I can totally see this as a baby kimono and hat set for a friend who is expecting a baby in June. Hey, I just got a wild hair. I could do a little sweater with some sort of shamrock motif! Whoa.

And this is Madelinetosh "Baltic". It just glows. Who needs Sea Silk, anyway?! Never mind that I can't afford it.

Folks, we've been under freezing temperatures and snow siege since last Sunday; and our local weather people are saying we "ain't seen nothing yet". I'm going to get some stuff dyed now, because it's been soaking in vinegar water long enough to disintegrate, but I'll be back in a day or two with pics that will be sure to send you into cute fits! I had the opportunity to do some "baby-sitting" this afternoon, and got some pictures of the "baby". I am now knitting a sweater for the "baby". That is all!

beautiful yarn. can't wait to see the FO's!
Ugh. I am so sick of the snow! I managed to get out to the store on Thursday - the road thawed just long enough. But other than that I've been cooped up since last weekend.

Love the yarn and the scarf!
Beautiful scarf! I don't know about this global warming, we are currently in the middle of a 3-day winter storm that a Toronto weatherman dubbed "Snowmageddon"...personally I think that was a little dramatic, but still...it's not even technically Winter until tomorrow....

I am liking this shamrock motif idea and I can't wait to see!!
We finally got our snow on the east side of town today, and it is beautiful. But I can say that because we haven't really had it all week. I hope it remains as snow and doesn't ice over.

The scarf is beautiful, and that purple white yarn is gorgeous!
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