Sunday, December 21, 2008


Christmastime joy

I promised to bring tha cute, and here it is, the "baby" I was referring to last post. Nobody asked, so I figure you knew I was talking about a puppy.

Meet Sir Winston, an 8-week old mix of Dachshund, Chihuahua and Pug. Three of my favorite breeds in one. Isn't he precious? No, he's not ours, although if Santa were to bring us a little guy who looked like this, I wouldn't mind a bit. He belongs to Michelle's friend Tess, who is just over the moon about her Christmas present. I would be too.

Sir Winston already has a snow parka, but he is also getting a sweater made from Stitchjones Dyepot Worsted. Christmas red, of course!


There continues to be severe suckage in our weather. I won't bore you with another picture of snow, but we have about 8 inches on the ground and last night freezing rain moved in, covering everything with an icy glaze. I'm getting desperate for a trip to Starbucks. However, knitting and the dyeing process keep my hands and mind plenty busy. Our annual Christmas Eve bash that starts at a Chinese restaurant with my side of the family and ends at my mom's house over dessert and unwrapping gifts, is up in the air because of the weather forecast.

Last week, I went over to Yarn Garden and bought a bag of this in the Desert Sand colorway. I started knitting this for Mr. Stitchjones, and I absolutely love how it's working up. There really isn't much else to blog about--being stuck in the house makes for frequent blog posts from Chickenlips but short on content. Here's a parting shot of Sir Winston (being held by his proud owner) for your enjoyment.

So cuuuuuute! Keep him warm!
Oh, Sir Winston is SOOOOO cute! Looks like the best qualities of each breed are there. Hope he has the Pug's personality traits. :)

Isn't the Portland Tweed yarn lovely?

LOL! My word verification was "wooff" -- how appropriate!
oh...mah...gawd!!!! The cuteness, the cuteness!!!!
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