Friday, November 28, 2008


Twas the day after Thanksgiving...

...and all through the house, not a frickin thing is stirring. I handpainted 18 skeins of sock yarn last night, and I'm still tired!

Jeez, I've let my poor ol' blog go for much too long. I've been in the habit of posting once or twice a week pretty regularly since I started it in the summer of 2006. Lately, though, I can't seem to finish anything on the needles. I made another Bombshell sweater, this one for my teen queen. I think it looks great on her, however she thinks it's too tight around the ol' "muffin top". So once I finish the futzy bits--neckline border, weaving in ends and such--I'll post a pic, although I doubt I can get her to model it. Durn. If she won't wear it, by gum, I'll find somebody who will! That sweater looks too good not to see the light of day.

Hope you all had lovely times on Thanksgiving day. I had dinner with my parents at their house. The spousal unit and our offspring are up in Spokane with his family. I begged off the trip, as I had to finish up a big order and I need to do some marketing over the weekend. So while yes, Thanksgiving is traditionally about getting together with family, there is definitely something to be said for solitude, especially if you've been a mom for the past 18 years. True, I just have one kid of my own, but this house has been the gathering place for scores of kids over the years, with no place for me to beat a hasty retreat. While I wouldn't call myself anti-social, I am damn selfish when it comes to my "alone time" or "down time". Right now everything's calm and quiet, no Metal Mania, no video-game-induced yelling. Ahhh...going into my happy place...

I do have a new sock colorway to show you.

This is called "Electric Mayhem", a homage to the headbangers from Sesame Street, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. One of the colorways in the Colinette Jitterbug line of sock yarn inspired me.
While opening the mail, I managed to slice open my left index finger, so I'm going to slip away quietly to my knitting chair and try to finish something--that is, if the band-aid doesn't get in the way too much. Tomorrow I'm off to the Oregon Coast to visit one of my yarn shop customers. This afternoon I drove up to StitchCraft in Vancouver, WA and met the owner. I actually "know" her from Ravelry--she's in the Rush fan group I started! Brainy ladies rule. Anyway, if you're in PDX metro and feel like going up to The Couv, do stop in at StitchCraft, there's lots of nice yarns plus sewing stuff!

I love it!

Remember that little store we went to when you were down? I wonder if she would like to carry your stuff...
Gorgeous colours!! Glad you had a good (if somewhat solitary) Thanksgiving!
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