Monday, November 03, 2008


Is he elected yet?

I've been a fan of Zippy the Pinhead cartoons for over 20 years. Zippy's creator, Bill Griffith, has portrayed his muu-muu-clad, stubbly cartoon character as a "candidate" in every Presidential election since I've been a reader, usually with the slogan "Put a real pinhead in the Oval Office". Unfortunately the Oval Office's occupant for the last eight years has been in fact a pinhead, although not Zippy, so I haven't been seeing that slogan much during this election year. Believe me, there have been Presidential elections where I was tempted to write him in!
"Zippy" cartoons used to be in the Friday Arts & Entertainment section of The Oregonian. However, as newspaper comics continue to shrink, and the continual dumbing-down culture becomes less friendly to elliptical-logic humor that one isn't necessarily supposed to "get" instantly, "Zippy" is disappearing from more and more publications where it was syndicated. I subscribe to the daily strip via email.
One bit of trivia I wanted to pass along: everyone's no doubt familiar with the catch phrase "Are we having fun yet?" The originator of that phrase, which found its way into the mainstream even if the comic strip never did, was Zippy the Pinhead.
Not much to report; today was rainy, so I stayed in and worked on the dyeing of 6 dozen skeins of sock yarn for the children's kits. Even though four dozen are already sold, I'll have some extra to sell. By Wednesday I should be finished with the kits--now if my 10 kilo cones of sock yarn that have been backordered for weeks would just get here! I've got folks waiting patiently for their yarn. Thank God I have such awesome customers.
Today all three of us were literally feeling "under the weather". I seem to be bothered by allergies when the weather gets damp, so I'm feeling kind of crummy. Michelle didn't get up for school because she felt "crusty". And Jason came home headache-y. Could be a combination of the time change, which has a tendency to throw one off balance even though we may not realize it, the damp chill, and of course this great American drama that has turned us into a family of MSNBC junkies and is almost over. We've all voted, our daughter being a first-time voter, and because we can't be too careful what with election-fixing crooks and vote fraud shenanigans, I verified with the county elections office that our ballots were received. (They were.) So tomorrow, I think, will be more of the same--trying to achieve physical equilibrium while going about business as usual, and watching election returns all day. I hope you all have voted too, and if you haven't there's still time. Not to get all preachy about it, but it just seems more important than ever to me that we use the voice we've been given. May the results bring America the kind of leadership we deserve--we've gone without it for far too long!

My neck and shoulders have been in a perma-cramp for a week. My husband pointed out it will no doubt go away after Tuesday. He's probably right. Here's hoping you all feel better tomorrow, too.
that comic is AMAZING! :D
I still miss the Far Side. I was a big Life in Hell fan back in the day.
Red Meat I still get every week online.
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