Monday, October 06, 2008


may I have the envelope please?

The dye business is rockin', and I'm planning something special for the end of 2008 as a way of thanking everyone who helped make Stitchjones the yarn juggernaut it is today! But if there's any down side to running a growing creative business, it's that I have no time to knit and thus no FO's to show off on my poor neglected ol' blog. I'm making imperceptible progress on three projects currently OTN, but certainly nothing that's worth breaking out the camera for.

Before I continue, I wanted to let you know that there are fabulous new patterns at Yarn Over Lounge. Lee is a very talented designer--I love how she puts yarns together to create feminine, flowing and thoroughly unique garments! Do check out the YOL website, it's all beautiful but there are a couple of jackets in particular that are so gorgeous I get all weepy and stuff.

So since not much knitting is going on at Chickenlips, I thought I'd flash some yarn and fiber pr0n. Introducing Tribute Handpainted Superwash Merino DK, in honor of some of my favorite Oscar-winning actresses.





I was heavily influenced by Blue Moon Fiber Arts here--I think it was because the DK yarn I used has the tight twist which is a trademark of BMFA. Definitely the presentation style--un-reskeined and reining in my penchant for high-contrast and high-intensity colors--was me (pitifully) imitating Tina's artistry. But I always love letting my imagination take flight, and I've even sold a couple of these. I'm planning a total of 6 to 8 colorways in this series, as more cones of the DK yarn are on order. Bonus points if you can correctly name all the actresses!

There's new BFL spinning fiber over at Etsy, and here's a taste. More coming in the next couple of days.

"Untitled" (trust me, it's intentional,)

"Revolution Earth" (nod to the B-52's)

Tonight I had dinner with my friend Bev, for whom I knit the chemo cap I showed you last post. She really liked it and it looks good on her. We watched a movie I hadn't seen, "Meet Joe Black". What can I say, that was three hours of my life I'll never get back. I'm sorry, I know when I say this someone'll want to check for a pulse, but Brad Pitt does nothing for me! And the movie was all talky, nuancing, teary-eyed closeups and pregnant pauses. Ho-freaking-hum. We had a nice dinner though, and it's always good to hang with old friends. Now if anybody wants to know who my celebrity crush has been for the last 13 years...

And yes, I'm the reigning "Six Degrees" champ.

Let's see.... Huston, Ireland, Streep, and Mirren. Right? Right?
Almost there! I'll give a hint for "Kathy"...think lifeboat, rather than swimsuit. :D
I love the Kathy colorway. :)
Your stuff is always amazing!
I'm happy to hear that your business is booming!
I never did go for the pretty boys. Angelina can have Brad. But I'd take Mike Rowe! ;)
OOO I LOVE that Angelica!!! I had to buy it quick! It was a total impluse buy and if my husband has a heart attack- I blame you.
That's Kathy Bates...They are all gorgeous, your talent never ceases to amaze me!
I'll arm wrestle you for Kevin; I've had a crush on him since "Footloose"!
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