Saturday, October 25, 2008


Double happiness

This week I've finished not one but two big knitting projects that I just love, so I'm feeling rather chuffed! Without further ado, let's get to the pics.

The Lowdown

Project: Clapotis, by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, colorway 87, 6 skeins
Needles: US 7
I didn't bother blocking my Clappy--I just threw it on, went about my day and basked in the compliments!

Pay no attention to the fat lady with the camera. Just concentrate on the sweater, people.

The Lowdown

Project: Bombshell, from Big Girl Knits
Designer: Stefanie Japel
Yarn: Royal Llama Silk from Plymouth Yarns; 10 skeins
Needles: US 7 (body) and US 3 (sleeve, neckline and bottom edge borders)

I think this is my favorite sweater in the whole wide world. I can't wait to cast on another one for my daughter! Funny how Michelle wasn't all that crazy about having any of her mom's handknits (except the eyelash yarn boas I'm making for Rocky Horror), but when she saw this baby she decided she'd like to have one too! So I've got 6 balls of Berroco Comfort worsted in red, and I think it'll make a gorgeous Bombshell.
I almost wanted to wait until I could get Mr. Stitchjones to take my picture, instead of this ghetto self-portrait in the bathroom mirror, and of course I wrestled with not modeling my sweater at all because I'm fat. Well, you know what? Fuck it! Fuck it right in the ear. Tomorrow is my birthday, and no I'm not telling my age, just pick a number between 52 and 54. I can't magically be a size 10 no matter what I do. And even if I weren't fat, my bewbs would still be lopsided, because I had a lumpectomy five years ago. I was told I could have surgery to make 'em the same size, but decided I was happy just to have them both. Whatever, all I know is, I love the spit out of this sweater and I plan to wear it a lot!

Love the sweater on you!! And Happy birthday. :)
Happy birthday. and you look great!
you look gorgeous, you are so talented!

Happy birthday, my beautiful friend!
beautiful FO's!!! love those colors.
Clappy, Happy Birthday! The sweater looks freakin' amazing!!! You're hourglass, baby, hourglass.

BTW, can't wait to use the phrase, "fuck it right in the ear"!
Happy Birthday! The sweater is great--LOVE the color! (Did someone say green sweater?)
Darlin, you look GAWJUS!!! Love the bombshell, the colour is perfect for you!

And oh, gasp!!! Your clap is to DIE for! Too pretty!! What a great job you did on both!!!

Happy Birthday! And glad to see you finally got the Clap! Hehehehe!

Great sweater, too! I always tell knitters: Ewes not fat; ewes fluffy! ;)

By the way, want some more eyelash for boas? I'm ashamed to admit I have some in stash that I'd like to be rid of. Free for the asking.
Hope you had a happy birthday!!
Happy birthday, chickie! You're not fat, you're squeezable! Love the colors on your Clapo. I want to see your Bombshell in person.
Aw thanks, everybody! I had not one but *two* pieces of birthday cake. Chocolate. Yum...

Bobbie--thanks for the offer of eyelash yarn, but I've got plenty! If you, or anybody else who goes to Wed. night group, has some unwanted acrylic yarn that would be good for skein ties, I sure could use it as I'm getting low!

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