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Ok, I confess that I'm a pattern hound. I am constantly buying knitting magazines, ordering patterns online and buying them from LYS's, and downloading freebies off the web. This is one such pattern, a nifty cabled scarf that will finally put to use that bigass skein of gorgeous wool and mohair from Adirondack Yarns. But these small projects that I can't resist are things that keep me from finishing the large projects I have on the needles, such as my Clapotis (which I actually need to finish because it's getting cold out!) and Annette's fine-gauge wrap, which she will get for Christmas instead of her Nov. 5 birthday. Christmas 2009, that is. And I've been working feverishly on a super stealth project which nobody knows about, but soon you will because it's almost done! Yeah.
I need to let you guys know that there's a contest on Sophanne's blog and it's a fun one. Go over and play, and tell her Chickenlips sent you. Prize is a gift certificate from Scout's Swag.
Yesterday I delivered some sock yarn and Little Feet kits to All About Yarn. I tripped, figuratively that is, and came home with 6 skeins of Malabrigo. I'm too lazy to take a picture of it, so if you don't mind clicking here you can see the colors. I've gotten out of the habit of photographing the yarn I buy. A sure sign that I buy too much and too often! Trust me, I have way more yarn than my Ravelry stash says I do. Storage is getting dicey. I religiously scour the newspapers for those Jo-Ann's and Michael's coupons, and buy up plastic bins at 40-50% off--ostensibly for business use, to store hand dyed yarn and fiber, but I filled one to the brim today, just with yarn I've bought over the past 6 months to "make sweaters". Ha! And lets not even get started on the sock yarn. Oh but it's depressing, thinking about how screwed up I am. Denial, it works for me.
While at All About Yarn, I met the lovely Melissa, who asked me if I get much time to knit these days, what with all the dyeing. Nope--but that's OK, I do manage to finish an item here and there. I just need to not feel inadequate when I read this blog. That lady can knit!
I was watching the ALCS and working on Annette's wrap, but the Red Sox were getting their butts handed to them, so I retreated into the bedroom to blog. Last I checked, the score was something like 13-4. Last night they lost 9-1. So their backs are to the wall--again. Let's see if they can do what they did last year, and also in 2004!
Family stuff
My dad is OK. His prostate trouble turned out to not be cancer but a stubborn infection, for which he got some antibiotics. I haven't talked to him in about 10 days or so, but a couple of birthdays are coming up which means family get-togethers. On Saturday night, we're celebrating Michelle's 18th birthday (even though she actually turns 18 on the 20th). Some of you may remember that a year ago, I was super pissed at my brother for standing us up on his niece's 17th birthday. Even though I think I deleted the more vitriolic of my blog posts, he got the clear message that I was not pleased, so he's going to be at our fave Chinese restaurant-slash-hangout with bells on. Because "turning 18 is special". Whatever. I like to think he knew his ass would be grass if he flaked out again!

Thanks for the promo!
Oh! The scarf is already gorgeous. I am the same with patterns...I have more than I'll probably ever be able to knit, yet I still acquire more by whatever means I can. I can't wait to see your clap, I'm sure it's gorgeous too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!!!!!!! I remember 18....barely....
I am SO glad about your Dad, and happy bday to your beautiful girl!
Happy 18th Birthday to Michelle!! I hope you all have a great time at the party.

It didn't occur to me until after my recent post that our daughters' birthdays are so close together. You'll have to give me some tips on raising a Libra :-).
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