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You know how I love baseball? So do lots and lots of other people; I feel the need to be more specific. I love October baseball. I especially love October baseball when the Red Sox are playing! So with increasing knuckle-biting anxiety, I watched every Red Sox postseason game, enduring TBS's miserable coverage (it's got to be an acronym for "Terrible Baseball Station") and being gradually but completely sucked into that particular emotional hell that only a true Red Sox fan can know. They had fought their way back from 3 games to 1 vs. Tampa Bay; last night they forced a seventh game and tonight they lost. So Tampa Bay goes to the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. Thank God I'm a knitter; otherwise I'd be bored out of mah trees! I mean yeah, it's cool that TB has never been to the World Series and now they have their chance to be world champions; but hey-- it's only been since 2004 that the Curse of the Bambino has been broken! We denizens of Red Sox Nation were only beginning to get used to sweet victory! ;)

Before I completely lose the portion of my blog audience who doesn't give a rat's patoot about baseball, and by "blog audience" I mean of course you 1 or 2 good people, let me quickly change the topic. Let's see; yarn's always good. My alter ego, Stitchjones, got to go to Mt. Hood last week, and Michelle and I went along for the ride. We had a special invitation from the owner of this lovely shop. So I'm proud to say that Stitchjones hand dyed yarn and fiber is now available from "Hood to Coast". (Yes, I really wanted to work that in!) In all seriousness, though, if your travels take you to Mt. Hood, Oregon via U.S. Highway 26, do stop at the charming little A-frame house in Zig Zag with the sign on the roof that says "YARN". It's well worth it. The owner is also a dyer, and spinner, and just got her own drum carder oh my! Her stuff is gorgeous and I came home with some of it. Did I take a picture? No. Sorry, not yet. But it will come, as will photos of my girl's 18th birthday party. Which was attended by a half dozen of her friends, her dad and I, and of course her goofy aunt and uncle. We had a big Chinese feast and then cake. Apart from my brother's brand of "cringe" humor, the cake bit was the funniest. My family goes to this restaurant a lot, so we know the owner and servers. When we have celebrations, we give the cake to the wait staff and they present it, cut and serve it for us after the meal. I even remembered to bring a box of birthday candles, so I gave it to our server. When she brought out the cake, the candles were added and already lit, but uh-oh, she'd forgotten to take it out of the box. So one of the waiters was trying to help her wrangle a 1/2 sheet cake which was about to ignite the top of the bakery box! Fortunately, there was no need to call the Beaverton fire department, but man that was a close one.

I'm sorry this post is short on photos, I only have a couple to show you. Who'da thunk that this would become the new Stitchjones viral yarn?!

It's "Glam Sock" superwash merino sock yarn with silk and sterling silver fibers. I make it in all these sumptuous colors, one such being Electric Blue,

but Silver is the color I can't keep in stock! It sells almost as fast as I can put it up on Etsy. I sold one today, and the customer emailed a request for 7 more. Yow! So making lots of silver yarn is on the Stitchjones agenda for this week.

When we were at R.A. Salvatore's book signing Thursday night that was one of the first questions out of his mouth - anyone know how the Red Sox's are doing?

I was there for William and Brandon, William had a number of his books that he wanted to get signed, so I used Brandon's work blackberry to do a search on scores. I had the sad news (since we were one of the first to get our books signed) to let him know that they were in the bottom of the 7th and 9-0.

So you're not the only disappointed Sox fan out there!
Even I, who really know nothing at all about baseball, heard about that game...mostly from my husband, who despite being from England and then Canada, happens to love both the Boston Red Sox and the Bruins...tough break on that one...the loss, I mean!

Glad everyone had a great time for the birthday celebrations!

I'm not surprised your yarn is selling, it's scrumptious!
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