Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sometimes I surprise myself

I keep plugging away at projects I have cast on in the past couple of months, such as the Sugarcubes wrap for Annette, whose birthday is Nov. 5 but she may get it for Christmas; my Silk Garden Clapotis, which is about 3/4 of the way done; and I'm chugging along at the widest part of the yoke of a Bombshell sweater--it seems like I'm never gonna get done with the increases! And all the while I'm thinking that I never seem to finish anything substantial. However, with it now officially being fall, it's finally cool enough to where I put away my sandals and bring out my clogs that I like to wear with handknit socks. And what did I find in the drawer, the first day I decided to wear socks?

No less than five pairs of brand-new, never-been-worn handknit socks, that I made for myself last spring and summer. Here's a little pictorial trip down memory lane.

Didn't seem like it at the time, but all those socks represent a lot of knitting. Sweeet!


Thank you for the kind words about my friend and my dad. Bev loved the Clementine Shawlette, and I did make her the chemo cap, although I haven't yet photographed it. Next time, for definite.


Did you guys hear about Sock Summit '09? Holy poop on a stick! I signed up right away to be a vendor. I know there are lots of indie yarn dyers out there, many of whom make far more gorgeous yarn than I ever will. But I ask you, how many are bass players?...or would be bass players, if they actually practiced their instrument instead of trying to play two octaves of A like Gene Simmons while pretending to look badass? (Like this plump middle-aged matron has any hope of ever looking like anything except what she is! Ah well, being delusional isn't as bad as they make it out to be.) Anyhoo, Sock Summit should be a hell of a party. I already gave the Yarn Harlot fair warning that I was gonna be there.

My homegirls the PDX KnitBloggers and I were a lot for her to contend with last time she spoke in Portland, but since she was one of the ones who dreamed up Sock Summit, I don't think we scared her off.

Ha, I had to read your blog post title twice! I am wearing a t-shirt today that says that exact phrase!! Too funny!
Oh MAN! I want to go to that since socks are my main knitting Thang.I signed up so *hopefully* I will get the monies to make the trek.
It would be so awesome to meet you there, Olga!
Cat Bordhi is calling the Sock Summit "Woodsock" - Woodstock with lots of fibery goodness, but minus the naked mud wrestling.

I think a bass player would fit in perfectly. :-)
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