Wednesday, September 03, 2008



I'm in the newspaper!

No pics in the online version of the story, but I got a whole frickin page, complete with pics of me playing with yarn in my kitchen. The reporter is a super nice lady who happens to be a knitter. I'm stoked about the whole thing. Free ink?! Hell yeah! And extra kudos for the photography, which cleverly concealed my horrendous housekeeping.

Thank you for your nice comments last post about my beautiful baby girl--who's almost a head taller than I am. She started school today. I think I did an admirable job yesterday of concealing my happiness about the last day of summer vacation! Now, of course, I'm watching my favorite DVD, Season 2 of Rome, which my daughter hates. Later I plan to get buck nekkid and eat Haggen Dasz chocolate ice cream, but for right now I'm knitting on this.

Yes, I've been stricken, and surrendered to the power of the Clapotis. What a great pattern. I just can't stop knitting it. I'm clap happy! I tried to knit it a couple of years ago, but couldn't figure out what "pf&b" meant. When I came back to the pattern, I didn't have a problem with it at all, and I'm just whizzing along. I love it when I find just the right design for stash yarn, in this case Noro Silk Garden.

Another problem solved: how to package my fiber for sale. (Spinners beware: scrolling down will reveal fiber pr0n.) Since I'm intensely lazy, I didn't feel like doing the fancy braid thing, so I was coiling up the fiber and putting it into Ziploc gallon bags with a sticky label on the front and my business card inside the bag. Well, those are cumbersome to tote around, and burping the air out of the bags made them look like nondescript lumps. Plus it made it more difficult for customers to see and feel the fiber, and it isn't earth-friendly packaging. So I came up with a solution: I made the fiber into a loose skein and wound it into an artful (for me) knot. Then with some pretty yarn, I can attach my business card, and I found some blank inkjet business cards in my desk on which I can hand-write the fiber type and colorway.

And here are a couple of Corriedale tops, recently dyed. "Land & Sea" above, and "Wild Planet" below. I was painting yarn with neon shades, and decided to try it on fiber.

Shoot, the kid'll be home soon. Party's over!

I am speechless. How unbelievably cool! I mean, WE always knew you were cool, but now THEY know it, too!
OMG, congrats on the newspaper article!!! You totally rock, there can be no question of that!

Your Clapotis is already breathtaking, I can't wait to see it with all the stitches dropped!

Fibre looks yummy as usual!
Very nice article! Woohoo!
Your clapotis looks beautiful, I am knitting one at the moment also. I have one tip but it may be a bit late passing it on now; if you purl the stitch in between the Ktbls you won't need stitch markers to see where the stitch is. This just makes it a bit easier.
congrats! definitely go for the icecream! (and heck, eat it naked, go for it! lol!)

Clapotis is beautiful!
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