Wednesday, September 17, 2008


not pretty

Two people I love are battling cancer.

My friend Bev, a lively lady who is a mom, grandma, CPA and poet, recently moved back to the metro area with her husband, after spending a few years in Eastern Oregon. Bev helped with tribal accounting issues at the Paiute reservation. For as long as I've known her, I've admired her energy, her work on behalf of her church (Unitarian Universalist), participation in many groups and activities, and her love of family and friends. Living as busy a life as she does, she missed her annual mammogram last year. The most recent one revealed a malignant tumor close to the breastbone.

Having made it to the five-year mark this year as a breast cancer survivor, I know some of what Bev is experiencing, however, I didn't have to undergo chemo. She is almost to the end of her chemo treatments to shrink the tumor, then she'll have surgery and radiation. The chemo robbed her of her hair--we didn't even realize her hair was gone until she took off her wig!--but it hasn't diminished her great laugh or her capacity for enjoying life.

Although I know she is surrounded by people who love her, I wanted to do something special for her. I finished the Clementine Shawlette and gave it to her.

It blocked out nicely.

While at All About Yarn the other day, I found some nice merino & silk yarn for a chemo cap. Then I found just the right pattern, the Cap Karma hat from Smariek Knits. I can't wait for a chance to knit it--but Stitchjones orders have 'sploded. Which is great, I know, life could be worse! But I still want to make a chemo cap for my friend.


The other person battling cancer is my dad. Just a few months ago, he had malignant tumors in his bladder, and underwent 5 or 6 localized chemo treatments--not fun. Poor guy! But Dad was feeling better, at least good enough to get out and play golf. My brother and I both know that if Dad's out golfing, things are as good as it gets health-wise. Dad will be 77 in December, which is hard to believe. Anyway, we thought everything was in the clear, now tumors have showed up in the prostate and his PSA count is way up. So next Monday, he's got a biopsy scheduled--another one. He's had to endure several already. While I'm of course hoping it's something that's easily treatable, another part of me is worrying about him having to be in the hospital and thinking about knitting some socks.

"Knit on with confidence through all crises". Wise words. There isn't anything I'd rather do (except dye, and I'm doing plenty of that)!

holding you and yours close in my heart.
my thoughts are with you and your dad and friend. sending a prayer your way.
Bless you, Sharon, you have a heart of gold.
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