Sunday, September 28, 2008


Finally, a FO

Cap Karma Hat from Smariek, using 1 ball of Crystal Palace Creme (60% merino, 40% silk) and size 7 needles. I made this as a chemo cap for my friend--I hope it will be soft enough. When I washed it, it grew to about the size of a toaster cover. Yikes! It didn't look like it would shrink down enough as it dried, so I tossed it in the dryer on low heat for about 30 minutes. Ahhh, much better. I do like the cable crosses and will definitely make this design again. However, the gauge was a little loose--probably should have knit the bigger size on US 6 needles. Live 'n' learn.
Costco Sucks (rant)
Yeah, I finally bought a membership to "MegaLo-Mart". I wanted to be able to get at least some of my business supplies, including display equipment for the fiber shows I want to do next year, and spend less dinero. But criminy! Talk about your uncomfortable shopping experiences--all the wasteful packaging and excesses of our materialist society staring me right in the face. Ick. Here I am trying to navigate this huge ass cart while craning my neck looking at All. That. Stuff. and realizing there's no way I need that much of anything!
I just really don't like shopping anywhere "big box", although doing some shopping at those types of places is a necessity these days for a lot of families, including ours. All I could think of was that movie "Idiocracy"--if you haven't seen it, do! It's a scream. A completely dumbed down future in which one of the characters gets his law degree from Costco. At the entrance there's a greeter dude chanting in a monotone, "Welcome to Costco. I love you."
OK, so we've had a hat and a rant, and I'm all in! Next week should be a doozie, what with working on two wholesale orders while visiting potential and existing customers. The baseball season ended today, which means it's playoff time--Go Red Sox!! They won the wild card in the American League. And it's almost October, my favorite, busiest, most unfocused-feeling month of the year. My daughter turns 18 on the 20th, and my birthday is six days after hers, but we don't need to talk about that. So I think I'll take it easy tonight, do some knitting, and gear up for whatever there is to gear up for!

ooolove that hat. It came out beautiful. I hate shopping a walm**t and S*ms club too. I walk around thinking first of all, I don't have 20.00 to spend on cereal and also, If I do buy a few things, it shoots my grocery budget and I can't buy anything else. We use to call it the 700 dollar club.
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