Monday, September 08, 2008


Deep within the bowels of the Stitchjones warehouse

Ewww, she said "bowels". Hope I didn't lose any of you there. But I do have a warehouse. Once upon a time, it used to be a living room, however things change, as we all know. Without further ado, may I present three dozen Stitchjones Little Feet Kids' Sock Kits, assembled for delivery to the Gardiner Yarn Works booth at TKGA.

More kit yarn is being dyed up today, and I expect to be able to offer them in my Etsy shop as early as next week.

Here are a few more "warehouse" photos. I've been a dyeing fool in preparation for TKGA.

PowerTrios sock kits (more are in progress)

Assorted kettle dyed worsted, sport and chunky

Waiting for labeling

And when I'm not dyeing, I'm knitting. No FO's to blog, sorry. The Clementine Shawlette is closest to done. I have no business whatsoever buying more yarn, but as we all know, that has never stopped me. Look what found its way into my stash.

Yup, I scored Wollmeise! I really had to resist the temptation to write "neener neener neener". Many thanks to my friend Cindy, who bought an armload of Wollmeise in the last sneak-up at Loopy Ewe, and gave her knitting buddies first dibs on several skeins. What can I say, sometimes it's who ya know. Thank you Cindy, for making it possible for this not-so-quick-on-the-draw knitter to own some of this coveted, beautiful yarn!

OK, break's over--back to the dye studio-slash-kitchen! Hey, where else can you get hand dyed yarn and a BLT at the same time? And what are those purple spots on the bread? Um...never mind.

Oh, the kits look fab! I bet they will sell out quickly at TKGA, especially since the yarn is in a cake so folks could sit right down and start knitting!

You're more than welcome on the Wollmeise. I certainly got more than I could use on my own!
No blue bacon on my BLT, please.
OMG the kits look so great!! They will sell right out I'm sure!

The Wollemeise looks great, but not as great as your stuff!!
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