Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Not much to report

I wanted to have a little parade of FO's to show you a la Yarnhog, (you must see Suzanne's beautifully knit sweaters! I kept saying "I'm not worthy") but I keep getting sidetracked hither and yon. (Does anybody say "hither and yon" anymore?) I'll have to put off show and tell until next week, 'cause on Friday I'm off for a romantic weekend getaway (meeting Mr. Stitchjones while he's on an extended business trip). Meanwhile, what could possibly be the ugliest knit item ever made is almost finished, and I know you won't want to miss that!

Before I forget, blog contest news! Fibreholic is celebrating her blogiversary with a yarn contest. If you enter--and if you're here, I'm pretty sure you are interested in winning yarn!--say hi and tell her you heard about it from Chickenlips.

So while there may not be much knitting going on here, there is dyeing, and I'm excited as all getout about a new sock yarn I'll be offering this fall. It costs a bit more, but in my thoroughly unbiased opinion it's totally worth it. Introducing, Glam Sock!

"Glam Sock", shown here in Black Cherry, is 420 yards of fingering weight superwash merino with silk, nylon, and sterling silver threads. This skein is now up in my Etsy shop, so grab it and get your bling on.

I'm succumbing to the pressure to get off the computer now, as a certain teen I live with wants to resume her session of Heroes of Might and Magic. Is it September yet? I'll be back next week with lots to blog about!

omg the second I get a job I am SO on that yarn
I'll bet that one sells like hotcakes! Gorgeous!

Thanks for the plug, too! ;)
Oooh, love the glam!! Shiny shiny! Have a wonderful time on your getaway, and take heart, September is not far off...you'll be so busy running hither and yon (yes, I DO in fact use that phrase) you won't even notice the time rolling by.
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