Saturday, August 02, 2008


Handspun heaven

No, pumpkins, I haven't taken up spinning, even though I have more appreciation than ever for the art of making beautiful yarn out of something that looks like this.

This week, I've added some fabulous handspun yarn to my stash, and the possibilities are careening around in my headspace. Sometimes they run into one another, and that's painful. Anyway, here is a Falkland single ply from Foxyie on Etsy:

I adore the color, which is more green in natural light, and it's wonderfully soft. I don't yet know what I'll make with it, but who cares? It's handspun and I love it. Foxyie also included a "surprise" with my shipment.

I'm too lazy to get up and go in the other room where the card is that lists all the fibers in this yarn. There's merino, silk, sparkly stuff and I dunno what else, but it's also beautiful and I love it.

Now Chickenlips has a big time jones for handspun. Here is some Corriedale from Susan of Abstract Fibers
also on Etsy, but I didn't get it from her Etsy shop. I'm fortunate, because Susan is in my Wednesday night fiber addicts group! It's a bad picture, but trust me, the colors in this yarn are spectacular and would knock your socks off.

So there you go, some handspun treasures for my stash. My dyeing has slowed down of late--I think it's because I'm getting really sick of working in the kitchen. Nevertheless, the yarn and fiber must be done, as folks are waiting on some of it.

On The Knitting Front

I finished the orange boot socks, blocked 'em, and love 'em. I didn't want to post a redundant pic. Finishing them should have been my cue to go back in time, as it were, and finish some abandoned WIP's. However, I never was any good at resisting the powerful urge to cast on for something new. I did today, and it's one of those totally addictive projects that you don't want to put down.

Which is a great segue for a contest! Haven't had one of those in a long time. Now before I go any further, I just have to say that the last time I had a contest and announced the winner, I never heard from the person, and I kind of lost momentum after that. So while I realize that Blogger has limits and kind of sucks, I must insist that you provide me with some sort of contact info if you don't have a blog. In other words, please make it easy for me to get a hold of you in case you win! Capiche? OK, here's the deal. Tell me what on Gawd's green earth Chickenlips is making. The only verbal hint I'll give is that it's a published pattern.

Leave your guesses in the comments. If there's more than one correct answer, I'll use the random number generator thingy. I'll announce the winner a week from tomorrow, which is Sunday, August 10th.

Ganbatte! ("good luck" in Japanese.)

(Edited to add: Duh! I forgot to mention the prize--Stitchjones yarn. Sorry about that.)

ok, you got me....love the color!
it's a Feb.sweater ??!?!?!

i know, nicccee trrryy

Mmm beautiful roving..guess i had better start spinning :)

Those look like slippers to me...

Its a strange shape but I am going to guess a hat

My ravelry name is shewearsfunnyhat PM me if I win.
I just think you rule.
Wow, I'm usually really good at this game, but I'm stumped. I'm thinking maybe a bag. :)
hmmm...I can't really tell, but I'm going to guess the Caloriometry or however you spell that
Looks kind of like a mitten
No freakin' clue. A willy warmer?
Gorgeous handspun!! As for your wip...I have no idea..the shape reminds me of a church stained glass window...is it a shawl/stole?
I think it is going to be a market type bag....very pretty color whatever it may turn out to be

I am a total sucker for your fun contests :) Looking forward to seeing those kids kits at the TKGA Conf in Sept!

Steffanie (same on Rav, PM's are great)
That is totally a banana cozy. Right?
Is this the beginning of the Clementine Shawlette from Interweave Knits? The only reason I ask is that I cast one on (and frogged it due to a poor yarn choice) yesterday and it looked similar to this.
I'm never correct when it comes to guessing, but I hate the idea that you might not be able to come and visit me. My blog is at www.heideho.wordpress.com
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