Sunday, July 20, 2008


That was the week that was

Does anybody remember that? It was the name of a TV show from the 60's, I think...my memory is somewhat foggy. But it aptly describes my week, or at least life around here since my last post.

A few days ago, my Etsy shop was featured on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum as the Etsy Shop of the Day! (now I know what ESotD means, heh.) That was like, right on the heels of Rush appearing on Colbert Report, so I was so jacked I was barely coherent! I got several orders in rapid succession, which was awesome. Then yesterday, having found some nice dyeable yarn on sale at a small LYS in the Pearl District (no, not the one that a lot of people think is an Irish pub, the other one :P), I told the owner I'm a dyer, bought all the sale dyeable wool she had and gave her a sample of my kettle dyed. She is very interested in either wholesale or consignment, since her shop is very small (but charming), and now I know I made a wise decision to offer various yarn weights and kettle dyed in addition to handpainted. So I've found yet another LYS owner who wants to offer her customers local products, because that's what they ask for, and that makes me glad.

But wait, that's not all! (That part, if it had been spoken rather than written, I would have used my cheesy TV announcer's voice.) You may remember I found T-Spot, a lovely new yarn, tea and chocolate shop in Manzanita at the coast, and my sock yarn is for sale there? Hang on to your hats people, 'cause little old me has been hired to teach a beginning sock class at that shop next month! Road trip to the coast? Write off all expenses because they're business related? Hells yes!

OK, time to settle in, because I'm planning a long-ass yarn rap. But there will be pictures, so that should break up the monotony. Here is the dyeing progress I've made so far on the kids' sock kits yarn.

The back row is "Toucan Rainforest", and up front (it's actually my "Rock the Casbah" colorway adapted for small circumference knitting,) is what I was going to call "Arabian Princess" but I'm thinking of dumping the Princess theme idea and calling it "Magic Lamp". There will be two more girly, fairy tale themed colorways and two more wildlife themed ones. So if this sort of thing turns yer crank, keep it right here!

I have found it's extremely difficult to sell a yarn kit without a pattern, so I'm working on a little girl sock and a little boy sock. And designing is so not my forte! Yeah, I know, I've had a couple patterns published, but it's the pattern writing that I find a bitch. However, I need kit patterns, so I soldiered on and did a test knit of a lace rib sock.

I thought it was cute, until I realized that the instep IS NOT SYMMETRICAL.

The bottom picture should have a reverse stockinette stitch rib "gutter", and it doesn't. Crap.

Some freakin' designer, huh? Back to the drawing board, as they say.

I promised to flash my newest stash, so here 'tis.

From the nice people at Jimmy Beans Wool, I bought 5 skeins of Manos wool in "Calypso" and 1 ball of Classic Elite Charmed (85% cashmere, thank God it was on sale)! I'm itching to cast on for the Lily of the Valley Shrug from my new book, "Inspired to Knit".

Anybody wanna venture a guess as to what this is? I may have told my Wednesday night knit buddies already.

If you said "a big screaming orange knitted thing that's hard to photograph," you win the case of fish balls and lizard testicles. It's another half assed design attempt, this one is a boot sock. If I can ever finish them and they come out halfway decent, I'll share the pattern.

I bought some rainbow dyed superwash merino from Jenny of Bare Sheep Yarn Company, and I've been playing around with a scarf design idea. I really should be working on the scarf idea I've been kicking around since January, intended for Stitchjones yarn, but I'm easily distracted by pretty colors. Here's the swatch I made, which is all I've had time for.

And with that I've blown my wad of yarn pics, so I guess that's it. 'Night, all!

Congrats on your L&V fame! Very cool. I love the rib lace sock, even if it's not symmetrical. Yet. My last socks came out that way, too, and I didn't notice for a month. And I'm a real stickler for symmetry. Duh!
love the "magic lamp" label! congrats on the business contacts!
Yay! Can't wait to see the sock kits. I am on a baby sock knitting jag for some reason.
Yippee for you on the new-found limenviolet fame!! The kits look fabulous! I especially love the toucan rainforest! I think your sock pattern is fab! The scarf looks so pretty already and the boot socks are great as well!
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