Thursday, July 17, 2008


Red Hot Chili Peppers!

No, not the band--the chili peppers I refer to are sewn onto my most recent FO, another Baby Surprise Jacket. I used 2 skeins of Stitchjones Grand Designs Worsted Merino in Pepper Patch and size 6 needles.

Extreme closeup of the too cute buttons!

I dyed the yarn some time ago, before I understood how this particular yarn takes dye--it sucks it up like a sponge and lots of color mixing happens on the skein. Now I know how to make that work to an advantage and how to minimize it, so when I make the Pepper Patch colorway it comes out a lot less muddy than this early batch did. Still, there's some interesting pooling, especially the orange sections near the bottom of the jacket.

This is another one of those late night posts. I do feel sleepy, but since Geddy, Alex & Neil made their first American TV appearance in 30+ years on The Colbert Report tonight, I'm still coming down from the high. The boys were jovial with Stephen Colbert--at his request, they all signed his hand, and I loved Neil's quip "I better not see that on Ebay!" However, it being Comedy Central, they didn't get to finish playing "Tom Sawyer", or I should say the show ended before the song did. Feh!

My head is exploding. Wait, let me qualify that, as I sense some of you pulling away. You know how the kid in "The Sixth Sense" saw dead people? Well, it's like that for me, except that what I see are knitwear designs. I've started making a sock that's a simple knit/purl combo, and the longer the leg gets the more I like how it's coming out, so I want to write up the pattern and post it here as a freebie. Also, I've got a scarf design for my dyepot worsted merino that needs to be knit up--it may be sweltering July, but fall isn't too far off! Uh oh, don't look now, but I've turned into a retail machine. Oh well, the rationale is, the only way to be able to keep dyeing is to sell my dyed stuff, right? Right.

My not-so-top-secret stealth project is a children's sock kit. Today I made some headway with the dyeing, as my goal is to have 3 to 4 dozen ready to go a month from now. The kit packaging has been ordered. There will be 6 kid-friendly colorways and 2 themes: "Princesses" and "Wildlife". I'm planning two different sock designs: one with lace or a ruffle or both, and the other will have some sort of textured rib stitch. To avoid gender exclusivity, my idea is to include both patterns in the kit (the sheet will be printed double-sided, as the packaging is nifty but rather small). And of course, package inserts are needed! I'm whipping up a design for that, as well.

There's also been some indulgent yarn stashing this week, but I'll have to show you that next time. I'm off to brush my teeth and collapse.

way cool! a children's sock kit!
Oh you make me laff! I was in bed early last night and when hubby came up he told me about Rush on the Colbert Report and my first thought was "I wonder if Sharon knows??" LOL. Love your BSJ and the chilis, too cute!! Can't wait to see the sock kits!
Did you see the episode of colbert AFTER the episode Rush was on? They started the next episode with them still playing. I was watching it last night while swatching socks =)
Wasn't it special? I mean really tremendous to see Rush on Colbert?

Neil showed up and SPOKE! And the entire drum kit as well! Glad I recorded it and can watch it several more times. I came looking for your blog to make sure you saw it, otherwise I could make a CD copy for you. So glad you got to see it.

Aw, that's sweet of you guys to think of me! Thanks! It was amazing to see this band I've loved for two decades on an American TV show, joshing it up and playing their incredible music. I'll never forget it!
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