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My first Jaywalker sock!

Details: Jaywalker sock by Grumperina. Pattern available free on Ravelry. Yarn: Stitchjones Supersocks in "Summer of Love" colorway.

"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

I'm rather pleased with the results, and now I know what the colorway looks like when knit up. To my two "rainbow" sock colorways, Summer of Love and Casual Friday, I've added another, previously done in worsted merino: "Pink Rainbow".

Needless to say, but I'm saying it anyway, we are back from Spokane, having made the joyless, but obligatory, visit to the in-laws. My FIL has always been mean as cat-dirt, especially when drunk (which was his usual state), but with advanced Alzheimer's he is either dishing out crazy pie, hallucinating and so forth, or treating his caregiver, my mother-in-law, like crap. The craziness is worse at night. He keeps getting up, convinced the water supply is poisoned or that his family is holding him hostage. It's awful, I know, and I'm sorry to admit this even though I must: I have no pity for him because he is an asshole. The only reason my MIL endures it all is because she is busy transferring all their assets out of his name, so Medicaid won't get them and she can save her kids and grandkids' inheritance. As soon as next month, though, he can be moved to a nursing home. The only thing that held me together during the visit was the knowledge that I never have to see him again.

It sure helps to vent! Now back to more interesting topics, like knitting and dyeing. I have exciting news to share. Stitchjones Supersocks is coming soon to The Yarn Grove, a very cool online shop! And that's my cue to cut this short, as I've got to finish up an order so everything will be ready to ship by the end of the week.

Oh, but one more thing. Mr. Stitchjones and I went shopping, and I got presents! This beautiful book by Michele Rose Orne--I am indeed "inspired to knit" even though I have no time for it these days. And a new CD by my boys, which keeps me rockin' out.

Love the jaywalkers and the yarn! I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with your FIL, I can totally sympathize, it must have been terrible. Take care, and decompress...the cd and book will help!
That is such a tough situation. My father is a lot like that, only without the Alzheimers. He is physically an invalid, though, and needs constant supervision. I don't know how my mother tolerates it. My greatest fear is that he will outlive her, and I'll be stuck caring for him (how's that for awful and selfish?).
Love the Jaywalker and the yarn. Very pretty! :)

As for your FIL... *hugs* to you, Sharon. I know what it's like to have an asshat in-law. When my FIL died, I couldn't even feel bad about it. I felt bad for my husband and would have done anything to spare him the pain of losing his dad, but I wasn't sorry that we no longer have to deal with the constant fighting with him and his second wife. She has moved on and left no forwarding address so life is almost peaceful again.

My thoughts on it are if someone wants to be missed or cared for when they can't do it for themselves, they should be decent. They reap what they sow.

sorry to hear about your time w/ your fil....alzheimers sucks, but at least it hit the right person for a change.

i just finished a pair of monkey socks with your tom sawyer yarn, and LOVE THEM!!!

Saw the boys last night in manchester, nh...great show! neil was in top form, geddy like a kid on a sugar high!! the only down side was that lerxst seemed a little off. oh well....my date (my 8 yr old son) loved the show.

my thoughts and prayers are with you.

jen in mass
I have always sworn that if my husband & I ever split up, if I married again, I would marry an orphan. 'Nuff said.
Lovely socks!!!
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