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Or "Biffle" as Kerin pronounces it (which I think is cute). However you say it, I've come up with one of the most truly satisfying knit objects--one that started as undyed fiber and became this.

I dyed 4 oz. of Bluefaced Leicester roving, gave it to Bobbie, and she made this gorgeous yarn out of it.

I was fascinated by the color changes and couldn't wait to see how it looked knit up, so I chose a straightforward brioche rib stitch and worked until I ran out of yarn. It's an ascot-length neck warmer, which would look very snazzy with one of Tool Man's shawl pins (hint! hint!) The texture must be felt to be believed. It's as soft as cashmere. I'll bring it to next knit night so it can be squeezed like Charmin.

Thank you for the supportive comments about my father-in-law. It occurred to me that ever since I've known the guy it's always been about him getting all the attention, how dysfunctional, and I can't believe I devoted that much space to him on my blog. Well, he certainly isn't worth further mention.

I have 2 1/2 new sock colorways! "2 1/2" because two are finished and up on Etsy, and one I did as a custom order but only made enough to ship. I'm going to add it to the line, though, because I really like how it came out.

It's "Salmon Dave" and the only one of my sock colorways that is kettle dyed rather than handpainted. I find kettle dyeing much trickier, so I'll be making mods to my process to try to make it less labor-intensive. Until I make another batch, look for "Salmon Dave" and a bunch of other colors coming to Woolgirl soon.

Here are a couple of handpaints. This one I came up with on a sweltering afternoon, a shaded solid I call "Icehouse".

And I tried Lanaset dye for the first time and love it! This is a meld of neutral black and beige, with a custom mixed hot coral and Lanaset "Magenta". I call it "Riff Raff". (say it with me--"Hey Riff!...") Yes, it's the beginning of a filthy Rocky Horror callback line. Unfortunately, with my kid's involvement in one cast or another at the Clinton St. Theater for the past five years, I know more than I ever wanted to about Rocky Horror Picture Show. Anyway, here's the yarn.

Odds and ends...there's an unannounced sale at my Etsy shop! I posted it in the Jonesin' for Stitchjones group on Ravelry, though. All current stock of handpainted fiber is just $10.00 until it's gone. I've got a good amount of "Biffle" waiting to dye but am running out of storage space. If you purchase fiber via my Etsy and use Paypal, I'll refund the price difference. C'mon, help a sista out!

Yesterday I splurged and bought another pattern book: "More Big Girl Knits". I love it! There are no less than 3 designs by Chrissy Gardiner of Gardiner Yarn Works, and everything in the book is lovely. I even ordered some yarn to knit the beautiful shrug in the other book I got recently, "Inspired To Knit". If I make a sweater or top from More Big Girls, I think I'll look into Knit Picks, so I don't break the bank!

What beautiful yarns, must be a real pleasure to knit with
I really love that Icehouse colorway. Very cool and refreshing.
lovely, lovely yarn.
Gorgeous scarf! I love the heathering of the colours, so delicate. Love all your colours, so pretty, especially the Riff Raff (I had a friend who was an absolute FREAK for that movie!)

I covet the More Big Girl Knits...

Your experience with your FIL freakishly mirrors mine...
OMGawsh... so much yarny goodness! Love them, love them, love them...
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