Thursday, June 05, 2008


Settling down

Don't worry, I'm not going to wax all elf-shot Rushian poetic in this post! It's just that I got to see my favorite band play live for almost three hours, and I was swept away. Like Flutter, O queen of the dark and divine, quite a few of my friends and customers have told me "The Trees" is a favorite among my several dozen colorways. So I was just giving a little backstory in the last post.


Before I move on to other topics, I just have to say that I was not allowed in the Clark Co. pit of hell Amphitheater with my knitting! Officious pricks and prickettes. I should have camouflaged my sock in progress better, or at least used bamboo needles instead of my Addi aluminum size 0 dpns. "Oh, this could be used by someone else as a weapon." Yeah, those $8 beers might make somebody go postal! And I had a Tree Bark sock in the Syrinx colorway, all origins for colorway names traceable back to Rush albums of the 70s. Just itching for a cellphone pic in front of the giant video screen, because I am a complete and utter nerd. Even so, I have started a bit of a Harlot-esque trend. At least a few of my fellow Rush freaks on Ravelry are doing the same thing during the 2008 leg of the "Snakes and Arrows" tour. One got a shot of her Monkey sock in progress during an instrumental titled "The Main Monkey Business".

See how we are?

Now back to regularly scheduled BS--I mean knitting!

I don't have Photoshop, or else I would put a caution warning on the above photo--"Eye Protection Required" or some such message. Basic socks in Opal Neon. I'm still plugging at knitting up my stash, distractions and all. The color distribution stayed pretty regular, except for some wild ziggy zaggying going on just below the cuff of the sock on the right.

Hand Dyed, Handspun Bliss

This is a gift from Bobbie of Tiggywinkle Knits - some BFL roving I dyed up. Bobbie spun it into gorgeous singles, then did her plying and cabling mojo to create this beautiful yarn. (I am lingo challenged when it comes to spinning.) Anyway, thanks again, Bobbie--I love it!

I've Seen The Future

Reason #1,412 to love Ravelry: A few months back, I heard about a new knit shop opening at the Oregon coast resort town of Manzanita. I don't have much info, other than it's on the main drag (Laneda Avenue) and is called "Tspot". I sent a Rav mail to the owner, who wrote back saying she would like to meet with me whenever I was at the coast. Next weekend will be my chance! It so happens that my husband's band retreat is taking place in that very town, and I am invited to go along. The owner of Tspot is expecting me and my yarn. W00t! I do regret missing Portland's annual Pride celebration, as we march as a family every year with the Welcoming Congregations, but this opportunity seems to have come together for Stitchjones better than I could have planned it. And I'm finally going to the beach, which I've been whinging about for quite some time! On Sunday the 15th, the Cat House Band is playing at the Wheeler Crab Festival. Be there or be square, folks.

And not to start unfounded rumors or anything, but I've heard from my evil twin a reliable source that Stitchjones might have a booth at Madrona '09! That's right, you heard right, if that happens I'll be hobnobbing with the glitterati (and in need of assistance, ya sure you betcha)! Hate to use the tired old expression, but stay tuned.

I love buying stuff from you, I think The Trees will be next
Can I help you work the booth? Huh, pretty please? I'll mark off my calendar for '09 just in case. :-)
Flutter--I think you should have some "Trees" yarn, I've got gorgeous skeins for you! Kathleen--yes, absolutely! Thank you, my friend, I'm so glad someone is willing to help me out.
Oooh! Ooooh! Pick me! I would love to help you out at your Madrona booth next year if my husband hasn't made me get a J-O-B by then! Seriously--I'd love to help you out. In the mean time, do you have any color cards or sample skeins I could take around to a few shops up here? Some pre-exposure to cause clamoring for the lovelies would be great! :)
Knottykitty--I would love that! I do have sample skeins, and can put together a color card. I can get them in the mail to you fairly soon.

Thanks sweetie!
You know I'd be so there!! If I didn't live in a different country, probably at least 2000 or so miles from you...still, what's a little distance between friends? Your yarn spun up gorgeous as usual, and I love your socks!! Too bad they wouldn't let you in with your needles...they probably thought some pot-addled freak (pot?! at a concert?!) would take them and go on a stabbing rampage...
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