Saturday, June 28, 2008


I has socks, and a new toy.

No pattern, just a basic sock--I love the yarn so much (Blue Moon STR lightweight, in Oregon Red Clover Honey) that I didn't think it needed much fuss and bother in the way of fancy stitch patterning. I used a seed rib stitch for the leg and instep. Now I have a hankering to knit some Monkeys or lace sox in a solid color, so I might be using this.

Gems fingering weight in Aqua. I'd bought an assload of it back in '06, thinking I'd make a lace stole...yeah right! I ended up selling off two of the skeins, and have 4 left. Two I'm keeping for socks, so the other two are up for grabs. They're in my Etsy shop under "Destash" and I'm letting them go at a very good price! Just passing along the info.

Stitchjones Dept: All good. The newest retailer to carry Supersocks in their shop is Naked Sheep Knit Shop, in North Portland. That makes 2 in Portland, 2 in the burbs, 2 at the coast, and 1 online. Watch for new Stitchjones Supersocks colors coming to Woolgirl in July! Also, stitchjones.com is still under construction--the shopping cart is being configured. When we go live, which I'm hoping to be stocked and ready for next month, yarn and fiber lovers will have a state of the art online shopping experience. It's going to be superb, way above and beyond the content of many indie dyers' websites (if I do say so myself).

To expedite production, I invested in this gadget.

Lousy pic, but it's a motorized skein winder from Ball and Skein. It works great--not that it'll be a time saver, but it will eliminate the need for rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder from all the hand cranking. The revolution counter doesn't seem to work, but I think that might be an assembly glitch. Mr. Stitchjones put it together for me, as "Allen wrench" is far beyond my ken, and just about the extent of his. What can I say--here we are in the DIY capital of North America, and neither of us are the handy type! Ah well, we've managed to get by.
Today was hot enough to boil a monkey's bum. According to some billboard thermometers I saw when we went out to eat tonight, the mercury exceeded 100 degrees. After reskeining a dozen skeins this afternoon, I took time out for a swim break, and it did me a world of good. Hope you're keeping cool and comfy, wherever you may be! Peace out.

I am so proud of you
Congratulations on your expanding network! And your cool new skein winder.

Yes, it was hot today, which meant hiding inside in the a/c and knitting, knitting, knitting! Stay cool.
I'm so glad the yarn business is working out for you! Stay cool.
That is such wonderful news!! Love your socks, and your new toys looks fun!
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