Thursday, May 01, 2008


still here

As always, I thank you for reading and I appreciate the kind and supportive words from all of you. My neighbor's son just came by and invited me to a get-together this evening in honor of his mother. I'm planning to be there, it will be a nice way to remember her, and I have a selfish reason too--I haven't been out of the house all day! Still in my house slippers. There's a good reason for that though, I've been making some pretty yarn. Here's a new sock colorway: "Creatures of the Night". Maybe it needs more black? Hey, Halloween's only 5 months away!

I finished another E-Z Baby Surprise Jacket. This one was made with 4 balls of Debbie Bliss Stella, a silk-rayon-cotton blend.

I have a thing for Stegosauruses.

In order to raise a little cash to put towards Stitchjones, I'm doing a little destashing at my Etsy shop. If you want to score some really nice yarn for dirt cheap, head on over!

love creatures of the night, what a great name :)
It does not need more black. It's gorgeous. And if you still have it next Wednesday I will take it home with me. I can't resist any longer.
Thanks Flutter & Judy!

no worries Judy--I made another batch of "Creatures of the Night" and will bring one for you next Wed.
love the buttons!
Creature of the Night is gorgeous!! Love the jacket with the buttons, too cute!
The yarn = YUMMY! You've so got a lot of talent with the dyestuffs and yarn. :)
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