Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Slogalong's over!

Jodi's wrap--actually, my pashmina-style wrap design--is finally done! In the above pic it's just off the needles and slung over the back of the sofa. Thanks to DD for the pile of crap on the sofa.

And here it is just out of the woolwash and spread over my workbench dining room table to block. Because I was mucking aoout with the photo settings for this shot, the color looks completely different. It's 10 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Tan, and the design will be part of Gardiner Yarn Works' fall lineup!

Wanna see a cool sock design? Click here. Cindy's sock knitting mojo and Stitchjones yarn--an unbeatable combo! Wanna see a gorgeous summer top/beach cover up? Click here. I love both these designs so much I ordered the patterns. What can I say, I know some really talented folks! And I won a yarn prize in Chrispy's blog contest. Ha haaa!
Don't worry, the gloatfest is almost over. Last but not least, I acquired a new wholesale customer today. Stitchjones sock yarn is now available at Kathy's Knit Korner on Main Street in Hillsboro. Seriously, could you die? So stoked was I by this development, that the yarn budget went completely to hell and I bought this for making the Alisa top. The celebratory mood hasn't dissipated yet, because this evening I had a wee bit of a pizza party for myself, DD and her friend. And there's ice cream to boot!
Well, I must be off now, to immerse several pounds of merino in water and vinegar for tomorrow's dye blitz. One last thing--can wiener dogs be washed in baby shampoo? I've got a pair of incredibly stinky dachshunds up in here!

ohh an Alisa that I did not contract out to be knit. I can't wait to see.
Congratulations! Way cool.

I use Pert Plus on my dogs. I find it works much better than dog shampoo, and makes their hair soft and silky to boot.
I went today and checked out your stock of yarn at Kathy's Knit Korner. Made sure to ask for it specifically and am now the proud owner of Earth Day. Gotta represent for my peeps!
Gorgeous pashmina!! Jodi is very lucky. Love the socks designed around your yarn! So fun. Congrats to you on the new retailer selling your yarn, how wonderful!!
wow. You have it made in the shade!
sooo cool. I finished the socks I made with your yarn, I'll have to post a pic of 'em, I think they came out neat.
Hey, Sharon. I can't email you--our server crashed and I lost my address book (it's been that kind of week). I'm almost done with my Sligo sweater...and I've run out of yarn. Did I mention it's been that kind of week? I need about 200 yards more superwash worsted in the Sligo colorway. Do you happen to have any on hand or can you dye me some more? Pretty please? (You can email me at vetaflame@aol.com.) Thanks!
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