Friday, May 23, 2008


Guess who never made it to the beach last weekend.

If you said "Chickenlips", you're a thousand percent right, and you win the package of unlabeled chicken parts that I stored in an undisclosed location and then forgot about! Just kidding about the chicken parts, they aren't real. But let me tell you what happened. You know how I got this fabulous order for 60 skeins in 14 sock colorways, right? Well, just on the heels of that, I received an email from one of the LYS's who carry Stitchjones yarn, asking for more! So I've been doing more batches, and bigger batches, trying to keep up production (and quality) and not make my customers wait too long for their yarn. I worked straight through last weekend and every day this week, not taking a day off until today. Although I'm getting a bit sore-armed from the daily skeining of undyed yarn and reskeining of dyed yarn, the good news is, the large order is almost finished and I can soon go back to my regular work schedule. And maybe even go to the beach next week. But friends and neighbors, let us not forget that a week from Sunday, June 1, I have a date with my favorite old guys from Canada. And I'm bringing a sock project OTN to photograph with my cellphone, this time with Stitchjones yarn--Boo ya!!

Wanna know what I did on my day off? I did mom-type things I've been neglecting. DD has been wanting me to go see "Iron Man" with her, she loves the movie and has seen it four times. So we went, and after getting over the initial shock of a sober Robert Downey Jr., I settled in and thoroughly enjoyed the flick! (Do they still use the word "flick" for movie, or have I just outed myself as a dinosaur?) Before that, we went to the Black Bear Diner and had brunch. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Friday.

Five Years Ago Today

Really bad pic, but it's the only one I have in electronic format. With my nails lacquered a blinding scarlet, and yes I was a redhead back then, I received my B.A. in Japanese Studies from Pacific University. I was 47 years old. Not sure if I was the oldest grad in the Class of 2003, but I certainly was the oldest in the Japanese language program! I had fun with it, even though I worked hard. So really, spending the day with my daughter was a fitting way to celebrate, since to earn my degree I had to spend a semester in Japan. I missed her twelfth birthday, but she still loves me. And no, I had no idea I'd end up in the yarn dyeing business, but that's one of the cool things about life--you never know what's gonna happen, and sometimes it's really good.

So that was May of 2003. In June of that year, I was handed a diagnosis of breast cancer. I went through the surgery and radiation, and so far I've remained cancer-free. Back on yearly mamms, I'm scheduled to have one in August. And I know it'll come back clean. Five years baby, ho yeah!!

I am so blessed to know you.
That's great! Glad to hear you had a good day off. The beach will be waiting for you when you're ready. Sounds like you be ready for the break when it comes!
Five years cancer-free!! Congratulations--I'm looking forward to that milestone myself. I'm at one year, 3 months currently...
Five years--woo haa! Congratulations! On the cancer-free years and the degree and the yarn... You've got a lot to celebrate.
Congrats on all of the orders and the 5-yrs cancer-free! Awesome! You graduated the same year as me---at the same age! I got my BS in Nursing in '03 at age 47--your degree sounds much more interesting, and I didn't get to go to Japan! Have fun at the beach! :)
One of the coolest things about reading your blog is remembering what it was like just a year ago and you had not yet found so much direction.

You Rock!
Five years is awesome!! I'm so happy you are doing so well with your yarn, you deserve it with all your hard work!
I graduated last year at 49 years old. I thought I was the oldest but some "retiree" who was almost 70 beat me out for that title. That taught me a lesson about age.
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