Friday, April 11, 2008


Welcome to Slackerville

Since only my friends read this blog (that's irony, BTW, but since I'm from Boston's North Shore, my enemies can eat me), I can admit that "Slackerville" was my pejorative nickname for Portland's Pearl District when I worked there. Yeah I know, age wears our veneers thin and my prejudices tend to come out at the most inopportune times and places--I just got a little tired of the dazed, artsy-fartsy, soy-macchiato-sucking, "creatives" who looked like they just rolled out of bed at 12:50 PM and would leisurely meander across the street wherever and whenever they felt like it (crosswalks, how gauche!) when I had the hammer down, as much as one can in a 35 mph zone, trying to be on time for a job I miss not at all, except for my co-worker. However, the adage that we become the thing we despise must be true, because today I've been slacking off rather than working. This week I rented some movies: "Lions for Lambs", how can you go wrong with Redford, Streep and Cruise? Excellent-- well paced and thoroughly watchable. The other one, "Closure" with Gillian Anderson, was kinda meh--the whole premise was violence and revenge, which is usually not my cup of tea. The exception being the highly stylized "Kill Bill" movies, both of which I enjoyed.

Early in the week, I dyed up some 4 oz. batts of merino fiber. Top to bottom: "Butternut", "Field & Stream", "Grape Arbor" and "Karma Chameleon".

Not much new in the way of yarn since last post, although I did design a new PowerTrios (TM) sock kit. This one is "On the Road". I was going for green countryside and city neon.

Cindy knit up my hat design in Stitchjones' BFL worsted, and it came out looking great! The "Seedlings Toque" pattern, as well as everything else pictured in this post, is up on Etsy.

This weekend I'm going to be throwing some merino and BFL into steaming crockpots, possibly handpainting some Corriedale fiber, and knitting like gang busters (what exactly are gang busters? What did we do before Wikipedia?) on Jodi's wrap. It's about half done, but the middle of April is fast approaching and my deadline is the end of the month. The hankering for a pretty new spring handbag prompted me to start looking for knit (not felted) bag patterns and lusting after some sturdy cotton yarn. When I couldn't find one I liked, I remembered that I sort of know how to design things. So in the middle of Crap Wherehouse, of all places, I got a wild hair and came home with a bagfull of Reynolds Saucy Cotton and a fat quilting quarter for lining. I got out the trusty Barbara Walker stitch book and started swatching. I'll keep you informed, for good or ill. There's also a new Stitchjones kit under development, and when it can see the light of day I'll show you that too!

Today was gorgeous weather and I went gallivanting around in it. Tomorrow's supposed to be lovely too, so I wish you all a great Saturday, here on the upper left edge or wherever you happen to be!

I declare you do such gorgeous work, sharon
A suggestion for a "manly" colorway: deep blues, emerald greens, some chocolaty browns. Like looking at smooth round pebbles in the bottom of a mountain stream. The name? Well, someone who loves music might call it "Trout Fishing in America". ;)

BTW, you are working on a Harlot special colorway for sock yarn, right? Her favorites are brown/forest green/gold colors.
Beautiful! I enjoy looking at your work.
I call Butternut!! I'll send a paypal based on my last purchase. If different, just let me know.

BTW, we all missed you Wed. Can't wait to see all the other cool new stuff. There was some serious "jones-ing" for yarn & fiber without all the "kittens" to play with.
Love the roving! The toque looks great, too!
Thanks Flutter, Kiki & Lydee! Bobbie--the colorway for Yarn Harlot will be created on Monday, so should be ready to bring to Wednesday night show and tell. And thanks for the paypal Kathleen, Butternut is yours!
We become what we despise and I am becoming my mother, sans the religion. Although some of the crap that keeps coming unbidden from my trap sounds suspiciously dogmatic.
Age has worn away my veneers and my tooth enamel. ;-)

Pretty pretty dye jobs and yarnage.
I love the way those dyed thingys look like rolls- makes me want to eat them up!
I have to admit, I check your etsy shop every morning to see what's new, right along with the morning blogs and Destash. I love your colors so much; I only wish I could knit faster!

(And Sligo is now zooming right along--wish you could see how perfect the colors are.)
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