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There's no yarn content in this post. I have been dyeing sock yarn, and will spend the afternoon doing more of that, mostly repeats of existing colorways that I ran out of. The thing is that this past week, a couple of people I knew have passed away, and I want to remember them, not only because they were special and I'm sad that they're gone, but because in their passing I've seen something of myself that isn't sitting too well with me right now. I'll get to that later though.

A fellow knit blogger, Crafty Momma, died suddenly at her home last week. She was in her early 30's, a devoted wife and mother of three young children. We had exchanged blog comments a few times, and I was always touched by how loving she was toward her hubby and kids. Her posts were more about the ups and downs of family life than knitting. Which I enjoy--that's more interesting to me than blogs about knitting and nothing but. So I was shocked to hear that someone so sweet had died too soon, and very sad when I think of the husband and children who love and need her.

Very early yesterday morning, our neighbor of 11 years died. Her name was Zainab, she was from Pakistan. She was in her late 70s, I estimate, and had emphysema which seemed worse after she returned from a trip to the East coast to visit her daughter. Over the years, she had extended us many more dinner invitations than we accepted, and I regret now that I didn't spend more time with her. Zainab had raised three children, and she was living in a house too large for just her and her husband--she loved having a houseful of guests and was a superb cook. I learned from her to make some of the dishes that are now my favorites. Because Muslims bury their dead before sundown, her funeral was held yesterday afternoon. I hadn't been to a funeral in a very long time, and never to a graveside ceremony. Everything was done according to the Koran. Her body was wrapped in a white sheet, and her sons lowered her into the plot, positioning her so that she faced east and was on her right side. It was so hard to see the devastation of her family, especially her husband, who when I offered my condolences, said "she was with me 55 years". After a few months, he will go to either the east coast or Los Angeles to live with one of his children, and the house will be sold. Zainab brought so many people together, and helped make our neighborhood a nice place to live. I am sorry to see that period of peace, comfort and friendliness come to an end--we were lucky to have it and I think we took it for granted.

Which brings me to my own nagging flaw. I don't regret making the decision to start Stitchjones, because yarn is my passion, but I think I have been taking myself too seriously in some ways. More important than whether Stitchjones ever becomes profitable or not, is that I am fortunate enough to have a husband who wants me to do what makes me happy, friends who are willing to lend their talents to help me succeed, and yarn and fiber to dye. There is no need for me to seek the attention of knitting celebrities, only to do what's in front of me to do, and take joy in it. And reach out more, something that is hard for me to do.

Ok, enough of the serious. Pretty things next post, I promise!

I love your pretty things, of course, but I also liked reading this. Your description of your neighbor was lovely (and wow, 55 years? I can only be so lucky if I live to age 92. I'm gonna try! heh).

I'm a firm believer in taking joy in what you have--and letting go of things that are less joyous over which you have no control.

Keep making the beautiful things you do and you'll get the attention you deserve anyway. :D


PS I just noticed that you have my old blog on your sidebar (Michelle's Musings). Would you update that with my new one? Thanks! :)
Thank you for the kind words, Michelle--from your keyboard to God's ear! :)

Just fixed the link to your new blog.
Hey sweetie pie, I'm sending you some lovin'!
Wow... you've lost someone who didn't even get to live as long as the other was married. Things like that make me think.

Life is strange... make the best of what time you have here!

Sorry you're having a hard week. Hang in there, kiddo. I like to think that Life has a way of throwing us curves like this so we stop and realize how lucky we really are.
love you.
this post was really moving for me, and a beautiful way to remember the people who have passed on in your life. It is a wonderful reminder to me to also take a few steps back...that making bags isn't the be all end all of my life...and there are more important things to be paying attention to!!

I'm sending you lovey hugs, and a big THANK YOU for the memory of these ladies and pictures you paint of them
That was a lovely tribute to your friends. I don't know any of you, but I was moved by your description of them and by the words of wisdom at the end. We all need to be careful not to take ourselves too seriously, lest it get in the way of the joy that is there waiting to be found. I also appreciated the reminder to take advantage of the opportunities we have, since they may not be there tomorrow. Blessings your way and blessings to the families.
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