Thursday, April 03, 2008


Quickie inventory

Let's see. I've got 6 lbs. sock yarn, 2200 yards of worsted merino, 2 lbs. worsted merino superwash, 1 lb. Bluefaced Leicester, 2 lbs. merino roving and 2 lbs. Corriedale top which I just ordered this morning. That should be enough to keep me busy for most of the month, until my favorite dealer supplier restocks that scrumptious sock yarn on kilo cones.

Thanks to the Wednesday night Sip n' Stitchers, a radical offshoot (make that a really fun bunch) of PDX Knit Bloggers, for cleaning me out of handpainted roving! Seriously, I appreciate your support of my cottage industry--you're helping keep Stitchjones afloat and able to continue purchasing the best available undyed yarn and fibers.

In the interest of stash reduction and curiosity about a hat design I'd been mulling over, I made this cute little topper. I named it the "Seedlings Toque".

I used Plymouth Suri Merino for the sample. The design uses "Elm Seeds" stitch, which is done on the purl side of the work. Not being a designer (or much of a knitter, for that matter, but we can talk about that later,) I knit it flat and seamed up the back. The talented knitress Cindy is helping me out by knitting the hat in my kettle dyed BFL. I just wanted some sort of pattern in my product line. There will also be a scarf, once I get some of that squooshy soft merino superwash dyed up. Between dyeing and working feverishly on Jodi's shawl, I haven't had any time to knit personal projects, so I'm wondering if anyone out there might be willing to test drive my scarf pattern and make a sample for me with Stitchjones yarn? There's yarn in it for ya! (which is a fun way of saying I can't pay in cash but can give you yarn from either my personal stash or inventory of hand dyed.) I know there's a Ravelry thread called "Testing Pool", but I thought I'd check with my blog friends to see if anyone was interested.

Next post I'm going to show you something...oh, truly magnificent, a piece of smoked glass new colorway--which ties in with an idea for a Stitchjones sock club! (that was a vintage snippet of Monty Python back there.) For the now, though, I'm keeping it under wraps. It'll all make sense when I unveil it--I promise!

ME ME pick ME!!!!!!! i'd love to do that! and Ihave nothing going on right now so I get er done for yah!!!!!
I'd LOVE to do that too!! :D maybe you need two testers? *wink*
oooh a testing pool!!
Merino roving and Corriedale top? Blue Face Leicester? Seriously, you're my new best friend. :-)
I would SO test for you in a heartbeat!! I knit fast!! I have time!! (are you convinced yet?? tee hee) I love the hat, it looks so soft and pretty!
Here's a page you might be interested in on dying roving. Scroll down to the bottom for more links you might be interested in.

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