Monday, April 07, 2008


Now it can be blogged

Last post, I alluded to an idea I had which seemed like a good thing at the time, because the more I thought about it, the more jazzed I was. It still seems like a good idea, although the particulars still need to be worked out. But first I must show you some yarn.

This is a custom colorway made just for Olga Uberstrickenfrau, and it's called (natch) "Uberstrickenfrau". I was so happy with how it came out, and so happy that the Frau was pleased with it, that I thought, hey! Why not give the upcoming Stitchjones sock yarn club a knitting blog tour theme? Just think, each installment will have a colorway created especially for a knitblogger, (based on the blogger's favorite colors, of course,) and accompanying the skein of yarn will be a sock pattern and something extra--a little giftie to celebrate the featured blog! Sound good? The Stitchjones website is having a complete overhaul, lube oil & filter, and once it's retooled, we will launch the sock club. I am so stoked I can hardly wait.

My most favorite superwash merino yarn finally came in! Yesterday there was a bit of kettle dyeing, and here is the best from the dyepot. The colors may be a bit distorted on the monitor, but it's a study in pinks ranging from deep fuchsia to bright pink. I named it "Sakura".

I wouldn't say that pink is my signature color, because "Steel Magnolias" is over-quoted IMHO, but I do love the color pink. I was going to call this "Pink Venom", after a local metal band which has one or two members that are currently the objects of My Michelle's obsession. Please, God--I don't care if my future son-in-law has tattoos or piercings or hair down to his ass as long as he is good to my daughter. I only ask that he not bear the nickname of "Flippy"--because each time I hear it, I think of a trained seal and start to giggle uncontrollably.

Oh yeah, the yarn. Got sidetracked there. It's merino Aran, and I gave it the boring and generic name of "Pink Rainbow".

I'd best skein up for a sock yarn dyeing circuit party tomorrow. Today I did some more roving, and got a bit more daring with the color combos. No dyeing Wednesday, as I've got to take the car in to Kia Service to have a warranty part installed, something called an "idler pulley". I can't imagine why this part was left out on the assembly line, because the engine of our 2007 Rondo makes a particularly obnoxious squeaking-ratcheting sound when in idle. Not exactly great advertising for Kia Motors when a practically-new vehicle sounds like a tired old junker! Also, I'm getting tired of ducking in embarrassment each time I'm stopped at a red light, so I'm glad it'll soon be fixed.

Have a great rest of the week, everybody! Next post I'll show you my sexy fiber. Oh, and thanks to everybody who volunteered to do test knitting and make samples for me! It'll be a bit longer before I have any patterns ready, but as the business grows I will definitely need your services.

What an AWESOME idea! I'm excited! Can't wait to see what comes of it!
I love love my yarn and I can't wait to see the whole line up!Seriously- your very good with this !
More roving?! I'm making that sound that Homer makes when he sees doughnuts. :-)
very cool idea!
Ooooooooo! I want my own color, too! I'll bet everyone does. What a great idea!
What a great idea! Love the Uberstrickenfrau, btw!
You're doing a sock club? Ohhhh, I might finally have to give in and join one... :)
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