Tuesday, April 15, 2008


How do you dye a color for the Harlot?

If you haven't yet seen this hilarious bit, you must go here, scroll down and watch the vid, and then my post title will make a lot more sense. Last post, I received suggestions from a sister PDX Knitblogger about the Yarn Harlot's favorite colors. Since I'm not a close personal friend of Steph, at least not yet, I was grateful for the input and yesterday I set to work. The full size skeins are still damp, but I did some mini skeins and they were dry enough to reskein and photograph this morning. Here's the first one.

Bobbie, I love ya, but to me this looks so much like That 70's Colorway! I mean, check it--we've got Harvest Gold, Copper, Avocado...in other words, it's my mom's kitchen! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just...didn't see the Yarn Harlot in it. I actually like the colorway and think it will be a good seller. Nevertheless, I still needed a colorway for the Harlot. So, W.W.S.J.D.? (What Would Stitch Jones Do?) Why, try again, of course.

Some color migration going on in the mini skein, but the actual skeins came out much cleaner. I tried to incorporate the gold, green and tan, and added a couple twists of my own--magenta and pale aqua. I'm thinking of calling it "Viva Harlot!" If I go with that, when I write the colorway name on the label I'll of course put the upside-down exclamation point in front of the "V".

Here are a couple kettle dyed offerings which I put up on Etsy yesterday.

This is "Syrah", superwash merino light worsted. I let it sit in the dyebath overnight to cool, which was a really good plan as the color completely exhausted. There wasn't a bit of bleeding when I washed the yarn.

And here's a BFL. I mixed vermillion with pink and got this--I call it "Tea Rose".

I have more to show you, which won't be going on Etsy, at least not for a while. But as it often does, life just got real crazy real quick. My dad is down at the emergency room. He passed quite a bit of blood in his urine, so we've got to find out what's causing that. Hopefully it's something simple that can be easily corrected. He isn't in any pain, thankfully, and my brother's there with him. He doesn't want mom or me there, because it's a "guy" thing. Well tough beans, Dad, I'm on standby and if you have to be kept in the hospital overnight, I'm coming down there and so is Mom.

Anyway, I'd best get moving, as it's almost noon and I haven't managed to get dressed yet. Which I need to do so's I can take out the recycling--we're frickin' drowning in plastic and cardboard! To those of you who read regularly and watch Etsy for new items--thank you and bless you. I appreciate it so much, I really do! I mean, I'm doing what I love, but the icing on the cake is when people notice and tell me they like it.

Another sister PDX KB'er, Duffy, posted a pic of the view from her window. I enjoy seeing what my blogging friends see when they look out their windows. Here's the view out our family room window--it looks out on the back yard and the neighbors' behind us.

I'll have more yarns and rovings next post--and I'll let you know what's going on with my dad.

that syrah is absolutely gorgeous
I saw that Syrah on etsy yesterday and immediately started planning a project around it. I've made a deal with myself that I will finish Sligo first, but then...um...you probably wouldn't mind dyeing me up a sweater's worth, would you?
I hope you find the right colorway, then when the Harlot blogs about it be prepared for the onslaught. Rabbitch's fiber was mentioned and she's still recovering from the demand.

I'll be bringing the Raspberry Frappe to Knit Night. I changed my mind on plying it with the other fiber as the color on the other fiber was too muddy.
Yarnhog-I've got a pound of that yarn set aside for you and will be glad to turn it into Syrah when you're ready.

Duffy--I know what you mean, it's kind of like "be careful what you wish for". I'm still trying to come up with just the right formula, maybe y'all can help me out tonight!
They are all gorgeous, I think I love Syrah the best!
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