Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Dye, rinse and repeat

Hey, guess what? Hookers dig me! Check it out.

The wonderful Kat crochets baby shoes for charity, and she is doing a "50 pairs from 50 Etsy shops" project. This week, my Etsy shop is featured on her hooking blog! Schweet. I love those little shoesies, especially the ones made out of my handpainted yarn (blush). Makes me want to dye up more of the ice cream colored yarn. I don't make a lot of baby shoes, but right now I'm big time into making Baby Surprise Jackets. In fact I've got one on the needles right now--with some of my hand dyed! Eventually I'll have to make some socks with my own yarn. But that just seems like a busman's holiday. I'd much prefer to sample everybody else's sock yarn. I bought two new ones--Fearless Fibers and Blue Moon--in the last couple of days, and next post I will show you the gorgeousness. We all know that sock yarn doesn't count as stash, which is super lucky for me!

Here are the newest.

Introducing Stitchjones' Handpainted Solids! This one is called "Black Cherry". Last week I did a custom order of solid turquoise sock weight for a fellow knitter, and I liked the results so much that I'm going to do more. A solid color with varying intensity is just right for many of the patterns out there.

"My Michelle", named for my one and only offspring. She plays Magenta in a local cast of "Rocky Horror", and the pink, black cherry and solid black are the colors of her makeup and costume.

"Raga" because the colors mahogany, sandalwood and curry seemed like an Indian palette. Yet I wanted to keep with my overall music theme. (Naming colorways is part of the fun of being a dyer.)

"Summer of Love". The main color is acid green, looks yellow in the pic. I paired it with a psychedelic rainbow. Don't stare at it too long, you'll end up tripping balls!

And another incarnation of "Casual Friday". Today I sold the first one. More intense colors in this skein-- I mixed up the blue-denim a little stronger, to good effect for contrast.

You Have Now Reached This Post's Teaser

Today I went to Yarnia, and was blown away. I'm just wondering why it took so long for Portland, which BTW I have started a petition to change the city name to "Yarn Heaven", to get a yarn store like this! Can you imagine designing your own yarn, and then paying for it not by the yard but by the pound? Getting over 1000 yards of a cotton/rayon/metallic worsted weight for less than $25? What a concept. I hope it catches on in more cities. Not that it's going to put the "regular" yarn stores out of business, as there will always be a demand for such staples as Noro and Debbie Bliss, but it's a nice, budget-friendly alternative. Next post I will show you a pic of what I bought there, along with my recent sock purchases.

You do SUCH awesome work, I love casual friday!
man! You are really cranking out the stuff! it's killing me that I live in poverty! You MUST MUST stop torturing me! You don't know how close I am to charging up the card and money for food be damned!
Want.Yarnia. I'm coming to visit.
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