Monday, March 24, 2008


too cool not to blog about

Just popping in to show you some cute creations with Stitchjones yarn! Top: Baby shoes crocheted by the wonderful Kat of My Sweetie Peas, in Stitchjones "Gelateria" handpainted worsted. It's part of Kat's "50 pairs from 50 shops" project. Bottom: Knit booties with crochet ties, made by the awesomely talented Angela in an experimental sock colorway dubbed "Sweetpea" by the Wednesday night Sip n' Stitchers. Thank you ladies, for creating adorable things I can proudly display at upcoming shows!

Oh yeah, Stitchjones yarn will be for sale at a fiber event this year! Things haven't been finalized yet, so I don't want to leak anything that may come back to bite me in the keister later on...but trust me, this one is big, and right here in Portland! When I have deets, you'll be first to know.

Guilty knitting pleasure #172: I still love to make scarves.

Here it is, friends and neighbors, in all its blocked glory: the scarf version of my Pashmina-style Wrap pattern. Although Chrissy is having someone make a sample for the published pattern, I wanted to see what it would look like. I used 3 balls of Baby Cashmerino and got about 53" in length and a little over 6" width. The color is a much brighter, springier green than what the pic shows, that's what I get for trying to take a decent pic in the laundry room!

It being spring break and a decent day weather-wise, with only the tiniest bit of hail, I actually did some gardening this afternoon, then spent the rest of the day dyeing. A good day all in all, but by the time I was done, my back was singing "Ave Maria". So I'll sign off to get some rest, and knit, because when I surface again I'll have yarn prOn of the highest caliber to share with you!

Your back is singing "Ave Maria". That's a funny way to put it when I think about how long and drawn out the song is...it does have a sort of groaning sound, LOL! Hope your back is all rested up today. The scarf looks lovely.
I was just visiting your etsy shop and had to mention how fantastic your new yarns are looking! I haven't even gotten the Andes Mints yet, and there are three more sock yarns I want to order (and I will, but I have to have a little sit down with my budget first. Dumb budget--doesn't understand my need to knit.) Anyway, do keep up the great work!
Beautiful projects made with beautiful yarn!! I love the pashmina scarf, too! Hope your back is feeling better soon! Did you get my email Sharon?
Thanks for the yarn & scarf praise...I'm thinking of putting the scarf on etsy but can't quite *oof* let go of it! :)

Hi Kiki! I got your email from last week, and sent a "hurry spring" yarn-o-gram. :D
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