Sunday, March 09, 2008


things fall apart

...and it's not always scientific. Such was the case with one of my freshly dyed hanks, which I was in the process of reskeining. While on the swift, it somehow became such a hopelessly tangled mess that I had to suck it up, salvage what intact yarn I could while chucking a good portion of it, and cast on for socks.

A little bright in the photo, but it's the "Alice Cooper" colorway. I cop to not using sock patterns anymore, just doing whatever I feel. In this case it's a 3 x 1 rib. Color me surprised at the stripe pattern, I think it'll make for a cool (if rather loud, attention-getting, but hey--so is Alice Cooper!) pair of socks.

My heart is a wee bit sad, because this marks the third consecutive week of travel for my road warrior salesman hubby. He's been coming home (exhausted) on Thursday or Friday night for the past couple weeks, then taking off on Sunday morning or afternoon to catch a flight out for the next trip. Happily, though, this is the last business trip scheduled for March.

I do find ways to keep occupied, though! I promised pics of that gorgeous Blue Moon sock yarn and the cone of magical wonderment from Yarnia, so here you go.

Who cares if it isn't plied, it's so pretty and sparkly. It so wants to be knit into a lace wrap. Patience, my jewel...

Seriously, friends, Yarnia is the shizzle! Yarnhog, Sophanne, Flutter, and any and all of my out-of-town knitblogging buddies I didn't mention but lurve nonetheless, you must come to Portland and we will do a yarn crawl. I have a minivan, so there's plenty room for all of us plus our purchases.

A Fledgling Dyer Makes Lemonade.

This is one of the first skeins I ever dyed, and the FO you're looking at must be the reason it never sold. First of all, it's "Monty," a Henry's Attic merino, which was marketed from where I bought it as "sock yarn" but it's really in the sport/DK weight range. Second, it's not superwash, and third, I dyed it in such a screaming Big Top colorway that it's no wonder nobody wanted to use this yarn for socks. However, it made a pretty cool Baby Surprise Sweater. And look what cute buttons I found for it, at Josephine's Dry Goods. Here, fishy fishy!

Was going to show you more pics of my hand dyed, unfortunately I must stop now because Blogger is being such a stubborn cuss that it craps out every other time I try to upload pics. But come back in a couple days, because since I figured out how to use the "best shot" feature on my camera, I've been taking such sexy yarn snapshots that it truly is yarn smut.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon. Knit something you love.

dude I am SO there!!
I like the Alice Cooper´s Socks! The stripes are coming very nice!
Did you sing "Welcome to my Nightmare" when you made that yarn barf? tee hee
I hate when that happens. I once untangled and entire skein of Sea Silk. I was actually proud that I had done it. Now, I believe someone should have stopped me and tossed that shit into the fire. ;)

The Baby Surprise sweater is a true beauty. The fishies are perfect.
I love the BSJ! The colors are pretty intense, but great for a kid. And the buttons are adorable.
I have also made a tangled mess of a skein...it's better left not talked about. I love your cooper socks! and that jacket is just way too cute!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
P.S.--that deleted comment is from me...I liked your post so much I posted the same comment twice!! ;)
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