Friday, March 21, 2008


Swimming with the sharks

Just in case anybody was wondering, I don't particularly like Woody Allen. However, the Woodman has given the world some great quotes, many from what some call his "quintessential relationship movie" Annie Hall. One oft-quoted line: "A relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we have is a dead shark." That may be the most off-the-wall segue yet into my topic, which is my relationship with this blog. I think I've fallen into something of a rut with it. I show yarns and the occasional FO, and blather about them, (and this post will be no exception,) but it's kind of slammed me upside the head the past week that I have become an artist of sorts. A fiber artist, if you will. Not that there's any mystique to it; I simply color yarn and try to sell it. That's what I do. The thing is, though, I'm alone for most of the time that I'm working, with way too much time and space in which to think. I sometimes have music on, but in order to focus, I prefer silence--as much as can be had living near a municipal airport and in a densely populated area. Unfortunately, the noise in my head has become louder. That is to say that long-buried childhood memories are surfacing, and feelings that were relegated to the back burner of my consciousness while I kept reinventing myself until I found a "me" I could live with, are becoming clear to me as I pursue this work. There are safe places where I can go with the memories and feelings, as I don't think a knitting blog is the appropriate place to share specifics. I could, of course, blog about whatever I wanted--it's just that I'm more comfortable keeping this a knitting blog, while carefully choosing which nuggets of personal truth make it onto here.

To clarify about my intentions for this blog--I'm not going to stop blogging, although I see the updates becoming a little less frequent as I work through whatever the hell this is. I've dealt with the spiral-like effects of certain life events long enough to know that experiences and feelings always change; I don't expect to be going through this "forever". I'll still be here, and I'll check in regularly. And I'm OK.

I did finish knitting something, mainly to satisfy my own curiosity about what another of my yarns looks like when knit up. It's the plain ribbed "Alice Cooper" sock.

I actually kind of like the stripe pattern; the way I positioned the colors on the skein, I was surprised at how regular and close together the stripes are. And here's a new sock colorway--I call it "Andes Mints".

Thanks, everybody, for reading my blog and being kind, sweet and supportive, as you always have been since I started. I'll be back in a week or so, or sooner should something really momentous (and fiber related) happen!

Oh, and for those of you who celebrate it...

I hope you have people nearby who can help you work through those feelings, if you need it. In the meantime, we'll still be here for you.

And can I buy some of that Andes Mint sock yarn?
Well, the beauty of blogs is that they are we happen to be that day, no rules or expectations to be followed. your not letting anyone down or scaring us, your just you! Anyhoo- love Alice, came out really cool.You have a good Easter!
Blogs are for whatever you want to write about and whatever you want to share. And if you don't feel like writing or sharing, you don't have to.

Ya think you could bring some of that Andes Mint on Wednesday? :-)
You make the most delicious yarns! You can blog about the phone book, I wouldn't care, I'd still read it. I hope you are okay and you can work through your "stuff", I can relate, totally! Take care Dear Sharon!
I so totally relate to what you are experiencing---I am also struggling to (as you stated it so well) find a "me" I can live with. And so my blogging is patchy as well these days...

We're all on a journey of some sort or another, so all you've said is completely understandable. It's just great that you can verbalize it so clearly!

Whatever "you" pops up to post on the blog is fine by me---I'll keep reading and sending virtual hugs your way!
Your blog is your space to say, or not say, whatever you want.

Now on a totally selfish level, you're bringing the Andes Mint on Wednesday, right?
Thank you everybody, your words of comfort and reassurance are deeply appreciated. Love to you all. Judy & Kathleen-- I'll definitely bring some Andes Mints yarn on Wednesday, and a skein is on its way to Yarnhog.
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