Sunday, March 16, 2008


Music and yarn

This may shock you, but I do enjoy listening to different types of music! Friday night I went to a choral concert given by Confluence and it was wonderful. A knitting friend from my Wednesday night group and member of the PDX Knit Bloggers, Duffy, sings soprano. I hope more folks attend their concerts, as they are not only beautifully performed, but being the wife of a musician and former church choir member I know how much work and rehearsal goes into music programs! It takes the full commitment and dedication of each talented person to make it happen.

I didn't make it out of the house today at all, so it's good that I had something to do Friday night and did a bit of clothes shopping yesterday. Kind of a good news and bad news thing happening here, as DH is home for a while, that's the good news, but the bad news is that he's come down with a miserable cold. Given his murderously hectic travel schedule of the past three weeks, it was pretty much inevitable that he'd end up sick. So other than reskeining, taking pictures, and making progress on various knitting projects, Nurse Nancy made chicken soup and let DH sleep all day.

I dyed some sock yarns on Friday, and here they are. One new colorway and four solid handpaints.

I was going for a Middle Eastern palette here, and I may have missed the mark but I'm still calling it "Rock the Casbah" for that super funky 80's Clash hit.

Someone at my weekly group suggested "Cheetos" as a yarn color. That sounded like fun to me, so here is "Dangerously Cheesy".

Since I sold two of my three sock kits last week on Etsy, I was debating whether or not to split up these next two "Peacock" (blue) and "Dusk" (purple) and package them with Rock the Casbah as kits. But since my kit packaging has just been ordered and won't be here for about a week, I decided to sell each skein individually and full size, and do kits later. Besides, the LYS's want sock kits to have patterns, and those are still in development.

And the last one looks like a blah red in the photo, but it's a complex amalgam of pink, vermillion and cherry red. Anyway, I named it "Wild Irish Rose" not only because tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day and I am from Boston, but because it was a cheap and gross wine a la Thunderbird that my high school friends used to get hammered on.

And there you have it, hand dyed yarn inspired by overplayed New Wave funk, junk food and cheap wine!

I don't think there's going to be much in the way of dyeing for a while, unless a wholesale order does come in and then it'll be repeats of colorways I've already created. Which is fine, I'll give it my best effort but since I've already blogged about it, it'll be kinda like last Tuesday's meatloaf. I'm a little concerned about my supplier of superwash merino worsted. I ordered 2 lbs. last weekend, and not only is it not here yet, but my bank account was never charged. Stranger still is that I've tried calling them several times, but no one answers, there is no voice mail--just a beep which sounds like a fax line. Have these people been abducted by aliens? My DD is obsessed with "Monster Quest", so that's always my first thought. Seriously, though, I hope nothing's wrong, they're nice folks and I've bought a lot of stuff from them lately. Since I'm not getting anywhere with trying to contact them, I wonder if I should talk to my bank about this.

Ah well--tonight's one of those nights where I can't shut down the amusement park between my ears, so I took a little chemical help. The drowsiness has kicked in, so I'll end the ramble and wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day! DKM style.

A cheeto sweater would be so cool
Off Topic....but we were driving on the freeway with our friends and a Rush song came on and they launched into a heated discussion all about Rush....made me think of you.
Overplayed New Wave punk, junk food, and cheap wine. Sounds like the 80s to me!
Thank you for coming to the concert! Your support means a lot to the chorus. I'm glad you had a good time.
OMG I LOVE rock the casbah!! So pretty! They are all so gorgeous I don't know how you part with them!
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