Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's Tuesday, and you know what that means.

Yarn pOrn!

Sock solids:


Summer Solstice

Sock multicolor handpaint:


Kettle dyed Bluefaced Leicester worsted: (BTW, Bluefaced Leicester is as hard to type as it is to say!)

Cherries in the Snow (DD wanted to name this "Red Dawn", as her favorite thing to do these days is torture entertain me with her favorite mediocre '80's films, but I thought it might have a better chance of selling with a nicer name.)


Solid Gold


Handpainted worsteds:

Beautiful Boy (I thought it was a good "baby boy" colorway)

Last and also least, an "oops". However, I'm not putting this in the trash bin just yet, as a dyer's "oops" can be a knitter's treasure if they see possibility in the yarn. It has happened before.

Dirty Diamonds

That wraps up the yarn show for today. Thanks for coming, and be sure to tip your waitresses and bartenders! Oh, and the new Knitty is up, thought I'd pass that along.

What is UP with me and those bright, acidy greens? I just love them. Beautiful work, as always love
Wow! Such beautiful yarn. I love the solid black background for the shots. It really emphasizes the brights.

Victor! I have a favorite song on that album. It is the one a lot of wimmens complain about, but I am just contrary and evil enough to love it and I love Lerxt for writing it.
Hehe, as soon as I read 'Dirty Diamonds' all i could think of was 'Diamond Dave'... I think that color suits him, too! ;-) hehe.
I love dirty diamonds!! They are all so vibrant and beautiful!
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