Friday, March 07, 2008


In the mood

"Hey baby, it's a quarter to eight/I feel I'm in the mood/hey baby, the hour is late/I feel I've got to move..."

Yes, that was Rush, and it was so last century. Early 1970's, in fact. Thank God the other guy either was 86'd, or died in a bizarre gardening accident, and Neil Peart became their lyricist. I'm only quoting Rush lyrics because I needed a segue into my topic, which is that the hour is indeed late, nevertheless I'm in the mood to blog.

Have I got yarns to show you! Some are created by me, some by others, because even though I've had a mad week of dyeing, I cannot keep from succumbing to the lure of dyers more talented than I. Here are the most recent selections.

A generous hank of 2-ply merino superwash sock yarn from Fearless Fibers, in the "Marrakesh" colorway. Very soft and beautiful, and just the olive hues I've been looking for.

For some reason, perhaps because it's so late? Naah, can't be that, but the photo I took of my Blue Moon Lightweight sock yarn in Oregon Red Clover Honey appears to have gone missing, so I filched this from their website. The photo doesn't do justice to the perfect shaded amber of the colorway. I also can't find the picture I took of my design-a-yarn from Yarnia! Oh well, when I have another photo shoot I'll retake the pic. But it's pretty, trust me.

And now to roll out the latest from Stitchjones. Here are a couple of handpaint worsteds. I've run out of the worsted merino superwash I've been using, loving, and selling a lot of. I should be placing an order for more either tomorrow (today, that is) or Saturday. In the meantime, I'm using Patons Classic Merino in natural for my base yarn-- the only drawback is that it's felt-able. In spite of that, I have sold some on Etsy.

"I Want Candy". Sorta reminded me of the baskets that the Easter Bunny would bring for Michelle, with the lilac Easter grass and Jolly Rancher jelly beans. Hmmm...

"Gelateria". I don't know if that's even a real word in Spanish, Italian, or any other language, but if it doesn't exist I think it should, because it sounds cool. In any case, I love doing this ice-cream parlor colorway, and it's a good seller. I must be craving sweets! It should be noted that neither of these colorways contain any calories.

Although it's been a crazy skeining, dyeing and re-skeining kind of week, I have managed to knit here and there, and am close to finishing a BSJ with one of the first skeins I ever dyed. The sharp-eyed among you may also notice that I have finally figured out how to use the "Best Shot" feature on my new camera. Hey, better late than never! I hope my blog hasn't become boring, it's just that there isn't much going on in my life these days other than yarn. Which is fine as paint with me, considering the scare I had just over a year ago! So if my "all yarn, all the time" blogging mode keeps you coming back, I did a bunch of sock yarns today (Thursday) and will have improved-quality photos of them, and hopefully an FO, on the weekend. And so to bed.

All yarn all the time is just fine! Do what you wanna do baby! P.S I have a skein of yours that is next in line for the needles!
I'm craving candy and sweets now, they all look so yummy!
Just drooling over your yarn (on your Etsy site too). Sigh. I love it all!
Gah, Rush sends a shiver down my back. Worst relationship of my life was with a guy who was completely obsessed with Rush. Nice yarn though!
Beautiful yarn!
I really like the candy yarn, especially the perfect light blue...
I really had to dig into my memory banks for that Rush song.
It is so 'ordianry' and average, I could hardly believe it. I don't think I have ever listened to that album more than once. It's primary purpose is to hold up that end of the Rush CD collection. ;-)
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