Sunday, March 02, 2008


Dyers just want to have fun

I used a little of my yarn money to treat myself to some Malabrigo.
The color is called "Jacinto" and it's the prettiest lilac shade evar. Even though I haven't knit with it yet, and I'm planning a cuddly scarf and hat set, I now know what the fuss is about. Lovely stuff. I also ordered some yarn from Deb of Fearless Fibers. As much as I love to dye, when I think of the marathon sessions in the kitchen, the "oops-es" and overdyes to make it perfect, and the sweat and sore muscles (yes-from bending over the table to handpaint) which is not seen, just the finished product, I've decided to treat myself to some yarn buys for a while. Whenever a lean period hits, that'll be the time to knit from stash and stay out of the shops, both physical and online. Perhaps my DD will be less acerbic then. I've been rationalizing my recent yarn purchases thus: "I need this skein of yarn. I deserve it, after all, because of the way that kid treats me!" Instead of beating myself up about it, I'll just let yarn shopping be the band-aid that takes the sting out of being told I have no taste in home decorating, for example, or that I don't deserve a husband as good as J. This evening I'm taking a stroll in a half-assed effort to keep myself fit, so that I'll have the best chance of living long enough for her to be able to appreciate me. It's got to happen eventually--right?

I promised to show you the new colorway and sock kit. I'm still learning to take good pictures, but here you go: a jeans-rainbow motif I named "Casual Friday," as it reminds me of a favorite pair of jeans and an aloha shirt.

The newest sock kit is called "Girls, Girls, Girls" like the Motley Crue anthem to strippers, and it's packaged in an "extra large" clear vinyl tote. You can see that in my Etsy shop if interested.

I Heart My Customers

I don't know where I would be without my blog buddies who are prolific knitters! They are keeping me going with custom dye orders.

Above: 900 yards of merino DK, handpainted in the "Gene Simmons" colorway.

And 1400 yards worsted merino, kettle dyed in the "Sligo" colorway.

Have a great week everybody! I have a bunch new colorways planned, and more surprises on the way in the coming weeks. Oo! Life is good.

casual friday is so happy! I love it!
OMGawsh, lady! I am in love with those colorways! :)

As for DD... she will appreciate you again. Until then, cover yourself in yarn and breathe deep. *HUG*
Ooooooo! That green looks even prettier than the picture you sent! I can't wait to see it in person! (Yes, that's MY green yarn, all you other knitters--stop drooling.)

I love that Casual Friday colorway, too.

And your daughter will appreciate you--right after she has a kid of her own and realizes how monstrously hard it is. Teenagers are designed to be awful so that we won't mind sending them off to face the world on their own.
LOVE casual Friday!! Also love My Michelle! The rest are also nothing to sneeze at!
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