Thursday, March 27, 2008


Bliss'd out

Hoo boy, have you ever seen so much frickin Debbie Bliss in your life?! It's a darkish photo, the colors are actually lighter than they look here. The Baby Cashmerino is for a pashmina-style wrap for a friend, (which I need to get crackin on because she needs it for a trip to Europe in May,) and the Cathay will more than likely be some sort of tank top. Last summer I broke down and bought a copy of Vogue Knitting, because I saw something fabulous and plus size. The last design in the issue is a short sleeve, buttonless cardigan made in something called "Posh", but I think it has wool or cashmere and I didn't want that for a summer item. Poo, Chickenlips turns her nose up at cashmere, what's the world coming to? Nope, it's just that this gal runs hot--they're power surges, not hot flashes, for the uninitiated--and so the Stella, a cotton/rayon/viscose blend, is just the ticket for a summer sweater. But as pretty as my summer yarns are, I will not cast on anything for myself until I finish Jodi's wrap.

Which I haven't cast on for yet. I know that's bad grammar. I blame it on being a knitter.

Another Madcap Manhattan Weekend

Er, not quite, but I LOVED that line as spoken by an impossibly cheery Jeff Daniels in "The Purple Rose of Cairo". Even though it's a Woody Allen flick. The thing is, though, I'm batching it for the next couple of days, as J. and our offspring went to Spo-Compton to visit his family. Mostly he's helping his mother with financial and legal issues related to care of his dad, whose Alzheimer's continues to worsen, (as it does--Alzheimer's never gets better, only worse,) and Michelle is on spring break and much prefers any kind of road trip to hanging out here with her mother. With nobody in the house but myself, two dogs and two cats, it's a prime opportunity to dye a bunch of yarn! After selling virtually nothing in my Etsy shop for the entire month of February, it has gone bonkers in March. I'm not complaining; I like money! My customers are fabulous. I'll need to start creating colorways for them.

I got in some BFL worsted and got re-acquainted with my dyepots. Top to bottom: "Sligo", which was interesting to see that the BFL took the dye mix differently than my hopelessly backordered merino superwash does; "Hood River Cherry" which is an overdye; and "Solid Gold", a repeat which tends to sell quickly.

Today I got in more kettle dyeing and a little handpainting, and tomorrow is a dye blitz for re-stocking colorways I'm about to run out of. Dang, there's that bad grammar again! That's my cue to sign off, so I don't mangle the English language any farther.

That's a joke.

Oh, but one more thing:

The boys are (almost) back in town. June 1st! Ah, Clark County. I can almost smell the cow manure...

This whole post made me wet my pants.
Oh, that Sligo. I love how the BFL has more shine to it, and the green looks completely different than on the merino. Excuse me, temptation is calling me.
Pow! What vibrant colours!!
The guys look good for being a rock n roll band. Geddy finally aged into his nose.
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