Monday, February 25, 2008


Ta daaa

First off, thanks for the good wishes for Buster! According to the veterinary surgeon, he not only has luxating patella but a torn ligament (the major ligament) in the left hind leg. Estimated cost to fix both conditions: somewhere in the ballpark of $4,000. I haven't told J. yet, as he is on the road, and I don't want him to have the inevitable apoplectic fit while he's somewhere in East Jockstrap, Idaho. (If any Idahoans are reading this, no offense intended, I just thought "East Jockstrap" sounded better than "Bumf*ck." ) Yes, it's a hefty price tag to fix the leg of a tiny dog. The good news, however, is that the procedure will enable him to use the leg for the rest of his life, as he will have bones moved and a screw put in, thus rendering him a "bionic dachshund". Don't worry, I will make him a special outfit. Right now, though, I've set about trying to figure out how we will pay for it.

Which brings me to the topic of selling handpainted yarn! What a concept. Here are the new items I've added to my Etsy shop today, that I was so jazzed about yesterday. Introducing: Stitchjones' PowerTrios(TM) Sock Yarn Kits! Each kit includes: 1 100-gram hank of multicolored handpainted yarn and 2 50-gram coordinating solid color hanks, attractively packaged in vinyl "gig bags"! Now knitters can stage their own "sock concerts" (sorry, bad pun,) and do stripes, different colored cuffs, heels, toes, or make something entirely not sock-like. The idea here is "design your own" socks or not-socks, no pattern needed.

Kit #1: "Laser Lights"

Kit #2: "Backstage"

What do you think, my doves, is it a winner or a dud? I rely so heavily on your input! Just wanted to do something different in marketing my wares. I only have one original sock design so far, and honestly, designing isn't my forte. If these kits sell well, I'll definitely make more--they were fun to dream up and put together.

I think it's an abfab idea and one that crossed my mind when my beautiful warn arrived today (before I read your post!)
yarn not warn- I've seen too many 5 yr olds today!
I looooooove kit #1!
A Winner!!
Brilliant idea! I'm picturing socks with the toe in one color, the heel in another, and stripes of both on the cuff! Or the cutest baby sweater with contrasting trim and booties made of the contrasting colors with the sweater color as trim! Or fair isle/striped berets! Or mitts with stripes! Or striped scarves! Damn! My "To Do List" just got REALLY long!
Your yarn concept is fabulous. I like the idea of a freeform thing... heres a little bag of inspiration, now do something with it.

Poor Buster! Poor you! Ginger has had something going on with one of her hind legs but she is still using it and doesn't seem to be in any pain. I don't know what we would do in your situation.
heck yes!! I love this idea, I think it would do well miss :)
*huggles* for Buster.

I love the yarn! Very pretty colors! :)
Give Buster a snuggle from me, and I LOVE the idea, brilliant!!
Totally fabulous. So, so so fabulous.


Hugs to the pup! hope he's not in too much pain.
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