Monday, February 11, 2008


Pretties for you

It's true, I admit it. My secret wish all along was to have my own yarn shop. Seriously, though, doesn't this cunning bookcase unit look just like it could be at a LYS? I'll wager that a lot of yarn shop owners get their display shelving from Ikea. The stuff is perfectly built to hold yarn. Thanks and kudos to Mr. Stitchjones--I know he prefers that to Mr. Chickenlips--for the assemblage, and for being an all-around great husband.

So my "organization system," if you can call it that, is like so: orders, top left. All the yarn in the top left box was delivered to All About Yarn today. Top right: mostly kettle dyed worsteds, a couple of handpainted DK's. Bottom left: inventory building. A few skeins were taken to Twisted yesterday for sale on consignment. Tomorrow is going to be a big dyeing day.

I don't consider any of this my stash, because it is for you guys. Yarn is happiness, and happiness is meant to be spread around. That way, I get to make more pretty yarn! I have a couple of new sock colorways planned. And this came out of the dyepot yesterday, more superwash worsted.

Thank God Rush has so many songs. Without their impressive body of work to draw from for color names, I'd be up a creek! However, I winged this one, and named it "Sligo" after County Sligo in Ireland. It's just so...greeny, and St. Patty's day is approaching. Seems like wherever we look, the shamrocks are right behind the red valentine hearts, no?

Chickenlips' Knitting

Hear that? It's "Taps", and I'm playing it on my imaginary trumpet, for my Salt Peanuts cardigan. I frogged an entire back and half the left front in a fit of pique. Couldn't bear to photograph it, and I don't really wanna talk about it. Oh the humanity.

With the sweater yarn--Lavold Angora in Robin Red--I've begun a kimono. In the Knit Kimono book, there are instructions for designing your own. Basically, you make 6 rectangles and slap 'em together, no shaping. Which never looks good on me anyway, except for short row bust shaping by which I continue to swear. I know I'm going to run out of yarn before I finish, so the thrill of the hunt is on. I think the yarn is discontinued, and what's left is going fast. One day soon, I will finish something. Trouble is, and I don't think I'm alone here, is that I can't stop starting new projects! Rummaging through my stash this afternoon, I found a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I'd begun a Dublin Bay sock with it, hated the way it was coming out, frogged it, started a Baby Surprise sweater and ended up frogging that. Getting a wild hair, I started this. I never wear hats. Never! But I love to make them. So let the third time be a charm.

Today was a pretty mellow day. Even weather-wise--it's still on the chilly side, but for once, it was clear and dry. About the only thing of note was that I left Jimmy in the back yard while I ran errands, and when I pulled into the driveway here he comes sprinting across the front yard to greet me. Uh-oh, the fence is no longer dachshund-proof. And if Jimmy can get out, so can Buster, because he's smaller. Looks like I also have to figure out how to shore up the fence tomorrow.

I'd best call it a night, but I'll resurface in a few days, hopefully with more good news to share!

very nice storage shelves! Take note- alpaca stretches vertically-like everyone on Ravelry and every other information book on alpaca says it does. Some of us just have to live and learn rather than read and believe.

I've almost made it through the first repeat of the lettuce leaf scarf with dark and divine. I think (as long as the frogs stay away) that it's going to be stunning.

Sorry to hear about Salt Peanuts. That sweater has called my name once or twice.
Oh, looking at all that beee-u-tiful yarn all nestled there makes my heart cry out! Sooo gorgeous.
Hehe, funny, I expected you to call that one 'Limelight' or something. Don't know where I would get that impression! ;-)

Sorry about the cardigan. I think the yarn will be happy in its new purpose, though!
You know I'm a sucker for green!!!! WHY MUST YOU TEMPT ME!!!!?!?!?!?
Your yarn looks fab!! Sorry to hear about your sweater, I hope the new project works better for you!

Hope your fence woes are fixed, It's good to see that Jimmy knows where the best place to be is though!
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